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Purchase Dissertation Abstract

Purchase Dissertation Abstract

Purchase Dissertation Abstract

If you want to purchase a dissertation abstract or need professional help with this chapter, you should consider buying your paper online from Several reasons make writing an assignment problematic. The assignment may be overly complex for the student, or the deadline may be too tight. Writing larger papers such as dissertations or theses can be even more problematic. It is easy for students to become confused with the array of different assignments. The abstract for a dissertation is such a genre of writing. Academic students looking to get a degree know they will have to write a dissertation. So, what is the abstract for the dissertation? This type of paper raises a lot of questions. Should information be copied directly from the body of the dissertation? How long is an abstract? What information should it contain? And so on. You might need to buy an abstract for a dissertation online if you don't know the answer to these questions.

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Buy Dissertation Abstract

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Writing an abstract for a dissertation can be complex because students are unsure of what to include in these chapters. An abstract is a brief overview of an entire paper. Remember, the abstract is the first chapter that readers take note of. Therefore, they can conclude an entire work based on the abstract even if that conclusion is incorrect. Consequently, the abstract should be set out logically. It needs to be precise and clear, and it needs to cover the main points. Do not include secondary or general information in this section.

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You may want to consider hiring a professional abstract writer if you are unsure how you should write an abstract. The professional dissertation writers at understand how to write great abstracts full of precise information relevant to the dissertation topic.

Essentially, the primary purpose of an abstract is to explain what will be covered in the dissertation. A well-written abstract can make a good first impression on the reader and positively influence your future career. Additionally, a dissertation abstract is sometimes referred to as a short dissertation. This is because it enables readers to understand the entire dissertation and its key idea.

It is recommended that an abstract is approximately 5% of the overall length of a dissertation. This chapter always comes at the beginning of the paper immediately following the title or cover page. It additionally tells readers what work is already done. For this reason, it is normally written in the present tense.

Other key points about abstracts:

  • An abstract does not contain references. This part of the paper should focus on the research and findings. So the writer should ask him or herself a few questions such as:
  • What problem is being studied?
  • What has been done to study or resolve the problem?
  • What has the writer learned during the research process?
  • Finally, abbreviations should be included in the abstract so that readers understand their meaning.

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Writing the abstract for a dissertation is extremely important because it presents the writer’s entire work. This chapter should provide an overview of the key issues of the dissertation, the research work the student has done, their findings, and so on. This information helps readers understand what the dissertation is all about and the problem it addresses.

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Purchase Dissertation Abstract Online

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Additional Information about Dissertation Abstracts

Abstracts are short comprehensive summaries of a paper’s contents. These summaries are intended to set out the paper’s topic, its argument(s), its conclusions relating to any research that has been done, and it can be likened to the text found on a book’s back cover. An abstract can be required for some assignments, and they are a required part of a capstone project. The following guide explains how to create a good abstract.


  • The abstract is placed after the cover or title page and before the paper’s main body. As per Section 2.9 of APA ver 7, the title word “Abstract” should be centered and presented in bold text at the top of a clean page. The abstract’s body should not exceed 250 words.
  • One block paragraph
  • The text should not be indented and should be aligned to the left of the page.
  • Identify acronyms using parentheses and type the acronym’s full name in the abstract. Thereafter, use the acronym. Where acronyms are identified and not subsequently used in an abstract, they should be written in full without being identified. Do not use citations in abstracts or other cited materials. Provide background topic information in the paper’s main body. Citations used to support sources do not belong in an abstract because they do not belong on a book’s back cover.

Please note that APA ver 6 provides guidelines for presenting numbers in an abstract that differs from the standard guidelines for presenting numbers. That difference is removed in APA ver 7. Numbers should be written in words, or numerals can be used as per the general recommendations.

Sample abstracts can be viewed in the APA manual (7th edition).

Use the following guidelines when creating an abstract:

  1. Using capital letters, center the word “ABSTRACT” two inches down from the top of a new page.
  2. Using double-spacing, place the writer’s name one line below the word “ABSTRACT.” Follow this with a colon and then type the paper’s title using however many lines are necessary. Ensure the writer’s name and paper’s title match exactly the corresponding name and paper title on the title or cover page.
  3. On a single-spaced line below the paper’s title, type the following in parentheses “(Under the direction of [advisor or tutor’s first name and surname]).” Names of other board or committee members should not be included. Only use your advisor or tutor’s name and do not include titles, e.g., Dr, Professor, Ph.D., or other identifying factors, e.g., “advisor,” “chair,” and so on.
  4. Now, using double-spacing, move down one line and stat your abstract. The abstract’s text should be double-spacing, and make sure it is aligned to the left margin except in the case of a new paragraph where indentation is needed. An abstract should not be centered or right-justified.
  5. An abstract for a thesis should not be more than 150 words or, for a dissertation, not more than 350 words.
  6. The page on which the abstract is written should be numbered with the Roman numeral iii (lower case) and the numeral iv where the abstract goes onto a second page. These numbers should be centered a half-inch from the page bottom.

As the summary of the main paper, the abstract comes next to the title or cover page. It is typically about 200 words in length and gives readers an overview of the whole paper. Even though an abstract is the first part of a long paper, it is often the part that is written last.

The Abstract

  • Abstracts are a type of preview of the main ideas in a larger paper, e.g., a dissertation.
  • An abstract’s purpose is to provide insight into the paper’s topic, the thesis, what information the literature review section will present, and it should indicate if the writer will be undertaking an original study or experiment.
  • The majority of dissertations are based on an original study or experiment, so a summary will need to be included in the abstract. Abstracts need to be sufficiently solid and convincing to persuade a committee that the entire work is worthy.
  • Abstracts should be kept short.
  • Abstracts are, on average, 350-word documents. This amounts to approximately one and a half pages of text in double-spacing. It should be noted that some programs or courses look for longer abstracts. So you should be ready to create a two-page abstract in single-spacing.
  • Key points should be highlighted.
  • Even though an abstract is an overview, it differs from an introduction. By contrast, an abstract summarizes a thesis or dissertation, notes any literature that has been reviewed, justifies any study or experimental work, sets out the problem that the writer is trying to solve or answer, and describes the methodology used in the study.

How an Abstract is Organized

  1. Includes, at minimum, a single sentence summary for every section in the paper.
  2. Before starting, the writer needs to have a clear idea and sound outline of the research subject.
  3. Consideration needs to be given to the research problem or questions being pursued, the thesis statement, the study methodology, the anticipated results of the study, and how the results have been interpreted.
  4. The writer should be ready to make several revisions according to their supervisor or committee feedback or when changes are needed to various parts of the thesis or dissertation.
Opening or Introduction Paragraph
  • State, briefly, what the overall topic is and provides background information relating to it.
  • Address the research question or questions. You are not limited to one research question, but the number of research questions should not exceed three. Their importance should be underlined with logical reasoning.


Second Paragraph
  • Set out the paper’s thesis. This may be framed as a hypothesis, depending on the writer’s discipline or field of study. Generally speaking, the thesis is a single sentence stating what outcome or results the writer believes to be correct or true and why.
  • Discussion about the study being conducted comes next to support the thesis or hypothesis. The methodology also needs to be described here.
Conclusion Paragraph
  • This paragraph looks at the results or expected results of the study.
  • Include a short analysis of the results data and link the findings back to the paper’s main thesis.
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