Business Research Paper

Business Research Paper

Before writing a business research paper, one should know that it differs from a common piece of writing. To produce high-quality work, one has to use diverse sources. Moreover, an academic paper of such type is focused on pursuing several objectives. Affordable paper writers provide some tips for finding out more about company research paper writing in business studying.

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Organize a Logical Business Research Paper

Nevertheless, as well as other academic papers, this piece of writing performs a detailed examination of a specific research question. It is essential to structure one’s work properly to make it coherent. Additionally, it is required to make the correct business research paper format. When doing this kind of assignment, you need to present well-known facts about the analyzed issue and impart fresh ones. It can help interest readers in the business matter you are dealing with.

Note that the established structure of such a paper has a dual nature. First, it helps the author clearly state the purpose of writing and emphasize its significance by using valid arguments. Second, a rigid structure lets the writer present a logical flow of information. Thus, readers will easily grasp the formulated concepts.

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Creating a Company Research Paper Structure

Below, there is a brief description of each structural component of such an academic paper. Keep in mind this information, and you will understand how to write a business paper appropriately.

Free Examples of a Company Research Paper

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

The research consists of finding and comparing data. There are different types of research; for instance, qualitative and quantitative. They have different characteristics, and you can use them on different occasions. However, the combination of them is the most effective research. In this research paper, the elements of both are used. As for qualitative research, findings are used, and the research outcome is not known from the beginning. The cause-and-effect tool is used for quantitative research. The usage of the hypothesis is the other feature. The combination of these types will create meaningful research.

Corporate Strategies of Boeing Company

Nowadays, strategy is a fundamental rod in managing an organization, which should ensure sustainable economic growth and development, increasing the competitiveness of its products and services. In a highly competitive and rapidly changing environment, a company should focus on the internal state of affairs and develop a long-term strategy of behavior that would allow keeping pace with changes occurring in their environment.


Research of the Business Investment Growth for The Big-Austin Company

The BiG AUSTIN organization is involved in providing entrepreneurial solutions and training to different upcoming small business ventures. The organization is located in Austin, Texas. It provides small businesses with business counseling services aimed at meeting their needs in the different industries of their operations. Also, it provides different types of loans to small businesses in a flexible manner with easy repayment terms.

Classic Dreams is a Qatar-based Company

The task of the research is to present a business plan for a new or existing company. The business plan should present the way of creating a start-up or some new strategic decisions for a company. The existing business has been chosen for the analysis. A Qatar-based company called “Classic Dreams” is going to be considered in the research. Choosing this company is simple: it is easy to get reliable information about its performance. The company is considering the strategy of expansion to other markets. The business plan for this step is provided below.

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Costco Wholesale Corporation

The current report considers the business operations of Costco Wholesale Corporation. The paper examines its business strategy, performs the SWOT analysis, provides statistics of key business indicators, and analyzes marketing and PR. The writing is concluded with an executive summary and recommendations for potential areas of improvement.


Walmart Business Model

The success of any business depends on a whole range of factors. Generally, the factors can be divided into two groups – internal and external. External factors are related to the surrounding environment of a business, including the overall macroeconomic situation, political situation, the degree of competition and technological development, etc. Internal factors are the factors related to the company itself. These factors are organizational structure and culture, business model, qualifications of employees, etc. Usually, the company can control and influence internal factors, while external factors are quite independent.


Samsung Company

Since the advent of modernity and civilization, technology has played a pivotal role in the development of humanity. With the advancement of technology in the 21st century, the human race has witnessed improvements in education, medicine, commerce, and communication. Most research studies have shown that no aspect of human life has been left “untouched” by technology in one way or another. The research focuses on the communications industry and especially the mobile phone industry.


Sections of a Research Paper

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Research Paper about Business: Introduction Section

An introduction aims to present the matter under consideration. A thesis statement highlights the key point of academic work. Find out more about the introduction section of a research paper with free samples.

Introduction Section of a Research Paper about International Business

Deltek is a company involved in developing and selling a wide variety of integrated software products that offer project-focused business tools that help them better manage and expand their operations (Allen & Scott, 2006). Deltek products provide solutions to enterprise-level requirements of project-focused businesses and enable them to manage financial and project accounting, calculate costs and return on a project-to-project basis.

This enables these organizations to submit accurate and well-prepared bills, comply with sophisticated industry-specific and regulatory requirements, manage employee time collection and valuation of labor costs and preparation of payrolls, automate management activities and empower the administrators with timely and relevant activities (Ciborra, 2007). Deltek also provided a variety of consultation and maintenance services to assist its customers with system execution and integration and the provision of training and continued support for the company's software products.

Abstract Section of a Research Paper about Business Ethics and Corruption

Corruption in business and politics has become an international problem. Today, such factors as business ethics, the fight against corruption, and corporate governance influence the decisions that ultimately determine competitive benefits and financial success. In the past, these questions were considered minor, unrelated to the financial well-being of the company, but nowadays, companies of all sectors and scope of activities believe that these topics are prerequisites for success. The fact that non-financial became the principal can be considered one of the main achievements of the last two decades.

This change and its practical implications are of great importance for the future of global economic integration, the development of national markets, and the fight against poverty. Today, business people have a wide range of recommendations and tools for transitioning to conventional methods of business ethics. The more the business world learns and strives toward business ethics, the better the general idea of what exactly comprises the standards, values, rules, and mechanisms of the emerging practice of such management is produced worldwide.

Introduction Section of a Research Paper about Business Management

Barclays Bank PLC is one of the largest international organizations with over 4750 branches across fifty or more countries in Africa, Europe, North America, South America, and Asia. The bank is estimated to have forty-eight million customers across the globe (Ahuja 2013). It is a British multinational banking company with financial services and headquarters in London. In 2010, Barclays Bank was ranked the tenth largest company providing banking and financial services globally. Over the years, the bank has also shown massive expansion in terms of employees, branches, and assets.

Barclays Bank PLC specializes in corporate, investment, wealth management, and global retail banking. Its wide products and services are offered to the targeted group of customers in the global market. On the London Stock Exchange, the bank has a primary listing with approximately 21.8 billion euros as of December 23, 2011. On the New York Stock Exchange, the company has a secondary listing (Henneman 2011). This report will provide an analysis of Barclays Bank with recommendations on enhancing sustainability and growth. The latter is influenced by conditions resulting from the rollercoaster economy and stiff competition in the banking industry.

Research Paper about Business: Literature Review Section

The “Literature Review” section explains why a particular subject is worth attention. Moreover, it provides information about previously researched topics. It also outlines the historical background of the issue. Additionally, this part proves that the writer has used authoritative sources for investigating the subject. More about the literature review section of a research paper with a free example below.

Free Annotated Literature Review for Business Research Paper

Akbulut, S., & Yasui, K. (2009). Knotting corks. Journal of Topology, 823-839.

Both authors work in the department of mathematics at different universities. Accordingly, Akbulut works in the mathematics department at Michigan State University, while Yasui works in the department of mathematics at Osaka University. Their main aim was to construct different corks and determine the best model applicable to the industry. In their study, they constructed many knotted embedding of corks into 4-manifolds in such a manner that they created smooth structures. The study results indicated that the best corks could be the ones that are easy to open. Many individuals would automatically be attracted to those that form unique structures that are easy to handle.

Research Paper about Business: Methods and Procedures Section

The “Methods and Procedures” part deals with examining secondary data, analyzing information taken from primary sources, or exploring both issues. No matter the applied research techniques, you should clearly explain why specific sources have been used for writing your business research paper. Furthermore, it is necessary to indicate the participants of the research if there are any. Read more about the methods section of a research paper with free samples on Exclusive Paper.

Methods Section of a Research Paper

Qualitative research methods based on descriptions were used in this research. The choice of qualitative methodology was justified by the qualitative nature of the phenomenon to be studied (workers' attitudes and perceptions) and the need to explore the discussed phenomenon in greater detail. Qualitative analyses could provide important primary information about how organizations would benefit from improving the public transportation system in Dubai. The benefits of qualitative inquiry and phenomenology, in particular, are numerous.

Phenomenology enables the researcher to study lived experiences in depth (Klenke 2008). "Exploration of the inner world of experience by phenomenology enables researchers to reclaim that part of the human being that has been neglected by positivism or was inaccessible due to methodological constraints" (Klenke 2008, p.223). As a result, qualitative inquiry and phenomenology as a method fit perfectly well in the context and objectives of this research.

For this study, qualitative questionnaires were used. The questionnaires became a fast, convenient, and relatively cheap method of collecting primary data. The questions included in the questionnaires were mostly closed to facilitate and speed up data collection and analysis. The sample consisted of the employees of the Public Transport Agency in Dubai. Official permission was obtained from the manager to administer the questionnaires. The organization hoped that the study results would help them improve employee productivity and performance in the workplace.

All qualitative questionnaires were administered personally, with some of them being filled out through Skype. All respondents were provided with detailed information about the goal and expected results of the study. Informed consent forms were signed to avoid ethical dilemmas in data collection and analysis. Each survey was filled out within 30 minutes. Oral reactions and responses to the survey questions were tape-recorded. The research respondents had the right to drop out of the study at any moment.

Importance of a Qualitative Research Section

Quantitative research has to do with data collection and analysis of arithmetic data, as well as variables. It also establishes relationships between data. Research mechanisms aid companies and management in determining business planning concerning product design, product qualities, and specifications, such as color and size. Particular marketing strategies are also established based on the conclusions of the quantitative research. The data is organized in report formats to make it easy for management to analyze it. In cooperation with qualitative analysis, this method can achieve important conclusions that will guide business development in the future.

Usually, qualitative research is descriptive. It has semi-structured techniques like personal interviews, case studies, group discussions, and observations. Qualitative research focuses on the opinions and thoughts of small targeted groups that are non-representative of their social classes. The data helps understand the required subject plus the underlying motivations and reasons for action.

Research Paper about Business: Discussion Section

The “Discussion” part is the main section of the work. Here, one should provide considerable details about the subject and analyze it thoroughly. This part of your paper should highlight its major aim and importance.

Business Research Paper Concluding Paragraph

Finally, the concluding paragraph should summarize the whole paper illustrating its fundamental points.

The key feature of a business research paper is that it examines a specific business issue which serves both as the matter under consideration and the element of a business idea. This peculiarity forms a basis for organizing a credible piece of writing. Free examples of the conclusion section of a research paper you can find below.

Conclusion Section of a Research Paper about Business Idea

The Talent Retirement Agency is a unique company, which helps young and ambitious business people. It provides its customers with practical knowledge about business and possible mistakes when starting up their own business. The core idea of the agency is to give the customers practical evidence of a wide range of business situations and real solutions to them. The agency staff consists mainly of retired business workers, who have experienced many difficulties and crucial situations during their careers. The courses are presented in the form of discussion groups, in which the retired workers share their experiences and explain the practical usage of skills and knowledge they have gained. The Talent Retirement Agency differs from other courses by its practical approach, while mainstream courses suggest deep theoretical knowledge about the business.

Taking it into account, it is to be said that the Talent Retirement Agency will obtain a major position in the market of this kind of business. In addition, the competitors are not a real threat to the agency; the percentage of the market share is approximately equal among the competing companies. The practical approach is an obvious advantage of the agency, but it may be ruined by some regulatory laws, which you can adopt: the state requirement for all businessmen to be legally assessed with national certification. In such a way, the interest in additional courses will disappear. All in all, the Talent Retirement Agency will thrive in its sphere and prepare a long-term plan for expansion over the country. The further location of future branches is underpinned by the presence of potentially weak areas in the sense of private business.

Conclusion Section of a Research Paper about Business Communication

Communication plays a crucial role in business processes. However, business information acquired considerable significance over the past two decades and was triggered by technological advancements. The development affected social mediums of information and, consequently, both internal and external business relationships. Formerly, business leaders considered that much information or interactions with employees would damage the business. However, they later learned that it would be a tool to influence organizational performance and image. Thus, although organizational leaders perceived technological development as a considerable menace to business information, they employed strategies to improve the internal relationships with employees and build a positive public image of the business.

Conclusion Section of Business Research Paper

Disruptive behavior in the organization is not exceptional. Every day, organizations have to deal with employees who exhibit it. Besides, even employers behave disruptively in some situations, albeit a few ones. Therefore, we cannot ignore this issue. Typically, employers need to be cautious about any employee that shows disruptive behavior. It has been established that the main causes of disruptive behavior are unwillingness to work, oppression, substance abuse, and conflicts. Disruptive behaviors can negatively affect the organization by hampering the production process, leading to the low quality of products and the loss of customers.


Nevertheless, this problem can be solved through discussions, creating an organization’s policy, and disciplinary measures. To minimize the effects of destructive behavior, employees are encouraged to always inform the management about any employee who behaves disruptively. Disruptive behavior in the workplace has devastating effects and suggested measures need to be implemented to minimize them.

Recommendation Section of a Research Paper on False or Deceptive Advertising

To avoid false or deceptive advertising, there are suggested techniques proposed by experts. One technique is degrading the significance of the disagreement between two equally important perceptions. The justification provided for the customers that the conflicting beliefs are insignificant is an option for reconciling dissension.

Another suggestion is to have a professional outlook on the website. Therefore, the wording on the website must be simple, concise, and, most importantly, grammatically correct. It is necessary to emphasize the functional features and durability, not the appearance of the product. The actual benefits that the customer would get from the product must also be highlighted.

The next suggestion is the training of front-liners such as customer relations or sales representatives in handling the selling of the product without any exaggeration professionally. This group must present the advantages and disadvantages correspondingly that one will get from purchasing the product. They must avoid misleading customers who intend to buy the product. Therefore, they should not withhold any information required by the customers, such as warranty, materials, or ingredients used.

Furthermore, establishing a customer service department will also be useful to avoid unethical practices. The above-mentioned department would handle complaints from the customers as a result of false advertisements. Large companies usually have such a department to manage or regulate customer complaints in the initial phase of operation. If the customer is dissatisfied with the service, this department is the only one that could resolve the complaints. If effective, you would protect the reputation of the company in the process.

Conclusion Section of a Company Research Paper about Strategic Business Management

Microsoft has come up with Windows 8, an operating system that is compatible with portable devices such as MacBooks and laptops to enhance customer satisfaction. The company has been improving and developing its products to keep up with the expectations of its target market. The corporation also emphasizes research and development to introduce more innovative products and continue acquiring a competitive edge. Microsoft Corporation has shown that the corporate decision-making process can only be successful as long as the glue aids in binding the corporation to an organizational culture that imposes stability and values coherence.

Check the Top 17 business management dissertation topics

Selecting a Business Topic for Research Paper

Picking a proper subject is of immense importance. The chosen topic should not be broad. At the same time, it should arouse the interest of several readers. What is more, you need to choose a topic that has practical importance. The most widely spread topics for business research papers are related to feasibility studies and market analysis.

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Example of Business Research Paper

Researching the competitors’ customers gives business knowledge of the market as well as the level of competition. Although it is prudent to have a system that shows such information, it has some ethical concerns, especially when utilized to malign competitors’.


Company Research Paper Writing Prompts

When writing the introductory section, you need to describe the current state of things that we will analyze in the “Literature Review” part. To produce a sound Literature Review, you should refer to business reports, economic theories, and other sources of information. Thus, you will be able to consider the issue from different angles. It is also useful to present tables and charts.

The “Methods” part, is an essential section of such type of paper. It should state what research methods for collecting data and techniques for professional analysis have been used. In addition, it should provide information about the target audience. Mind that this section should serve as a link between the previous parts, i.e., the Introductory paragraph and Literature Review, and the next section, i.e., the Discussion.

The task of the “Methods” part is to clarify that the discussed business matter can solve the issue presented in the “Literature Review” unit. Remember that this section has to be produced professionally, as it will determine the direction of your work. If you find this assignment complicated, you can buy a business research paper of superior quality from our company. Our experts are always ready to help you.

The “Discussion” section describes the measures that have been taken to solve the analyzed problem. you can compare it to a business plan outlining business strategies. It should have a logical research essay structure and be directly connected with other paper sections.

Free Examples of Business Plans

  1. There are numerous business forms recognized in the U.S. However, this ice cream van business will take the legal form of a sole proprietorship owned and run by Michael Stevenson. Cool Taste Ice Cream Van will be fully registered in tandem with the provisions of New York regarding a start-up business. More about how to plan the ice cream van business.
  2. Natural Bakery is a start-up business enterprise located in Melbourne, Australia. Natural Bakery (NB) is designed to satisfy the growing demand for natural products and ingredients among high-income consumers. The company plans to establish itself as a trustworthy provider of baked products while being supported by the favorable business climate in the industry and the customers’ willingness to purchase organic products. Free example of a business plan for Natural Bakery.
  3. Many investors view restaurants with Japanese cuisine as a good investment. This is because the initial cost of production is quite low, and the selling price, on the contrary, is high enough to ensure good profits. Given the increased demand for Japanese cuisine, these factors provide even more revenue. Profitability varies from a minimum of 20% to 25%, in the case of the successful implementation of the business plan of a Japanese restaurant, and good management can raise it to 60%. The turnover starts to increase from about the fourth month after the opening of the restaurant. The average payback period of the restaurant business is one and a half to two years. Free sample of business plan for the restaurant.
  4. Juliana Sports Store is athletic apparel with its brand of women’s sportswear. Athletic apparel provides easily accessible sportswear, which you can find on the website and in the departmental store. The targeted market includes all women who are over the age of 18. Athletic apparel provides the exact sportswear that you might need for the right occasion. The family members and friends of any woman can easily buy fancy sportswear in athletic apparel. Free strategic business plan.

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Example of Company Research Paper

Completely free company research paper sample about the denationalization of Toys R Us Company - the largest and the best toy seller.

Remember that your paper has to be formatted and cited properly. All sources have to be referenced correctly following the given format style. Exclusive paper experts recommend you to read more free examples of the research paper about business.

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