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IB Extended Essay Writing Service

An IB extended essay writing service is substantial assistance to those who want to get a superior result. There are many companies online that offer professional writing services. However, you never know whether the product you will get is of the expected quality if you do not trust the company. Trust is the main measure that may guarantee productive and positive relationships between the customer and the company. However, before placing an order you need to understand what an IB extended essay means to know what to expect from the writing company.

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IB Extended Essay definition

An IB extended essay (sometimes referred to as IB EE) is an extended essay in the International BaccalaureateDiploma Programme. It is a mini-thesis developed under the supervision and counted as your IB Diploma. An IB extended essay requires a selection of a particular research question, research itself, and noting the findings in a paper. A good IB extended essay usually counts for more than 10 pages. However, the number of words is regulated by the institution or a professor. Such a paper requires a substantial literature review to indicate the gap in the field, citations, and overall formal writing.

IB Extended Essay Structure

An IB extended essay consists of the following sections

  • A title page
  • The table of contents
  • List of figures
  • List of tables
  • Introduction/Background
  • Literature review
  • Methodology
  • Findings
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Appendices

The Process of Writing an IB Extended Essay

There are commonly accepted six subject groups that International Baccalaureate students should use to choose their subject for an extended essay. The groups are as follows, studies in language and literature, language acquisition, individuals and societies, sciences, mathematics, and the arts. Once a student chooses a subject group, he/she may select a topic to focus on.

The next stage after the topic selection is its discussion with your supervisor. You need to choose the supervisor who will guide you in the writing process. Usually, the supervisors are your teachers and professors from the school you attend.

After all the details are discussed you need to stick to the research and the writing process. Overall, when wiring your IB extended essay you should conduct a literature review, find the gap in the research, develop a research question, and further conduct research. Our professional writers recommend writing the paper and conducting the research simultaneously. The process of the research may take some time without your involvement (for example, when you wait for the subjects to fill out the questionnaire), while the writing process is also time confusing. Thus, when you conduct research and make some notes for your essay draft, you increase your productivity.

Tips for Writing an IB Extended Essay

  1. Choose an interesting topic. The best papers are those that have been written by the students deeply devoted to the problems they study. If you are interested in the problem, you will have a desire to study the subject deeper. If you have never been interested in art and an idea to learn more about this field does not inspire you, you should better choose another problem to consider.
  2. Narrow down your topic. When choosing a topic you should select a broad theme and narrow it down to the point when the subject is narrow enough to be able to focus on it, and at the same time, you may write about 4,000 words devoted to the issue. Check online what topics have already been discussed; they may inspire you for your unique issues to study. Be attentive and do not choose a too narrow topic as you will have serious problems in searching for the content.
  3. Choose a mentor who will guide you. You cannot complete your IB extended essay without assistance from a person who has experience in writing such essays. Your supervisor may help you structure your paper, direct you in your research and writing. You may always ask for help and advice if you are stuck at some moment.
  4. Choose an active and motivated mentor. The choice of a supervisor should be a weighted decision. You may have a favorite teacher, but this person may not be motivated to support you. Your IB extended essay is definitely your interest; however, if you choose an advisor who is also interested in your topic of the research, you will have an additional motivator. This person will push you to conduct research and write your paper. It is always more encouraging working with people who are also inspired and involved in your problem as you are.
  5. Mind structure and proper flow. Your IB extended essay must be perfectly structured as this is not an essay with free sections. You must strictly follow the structure and academic flow of the paper.
  6. Start writing as soon as you get a task. Never postpone the assignment.

IB Extended Essay Writing Services

Not many people today use IB extended essay writing services without hesitation. Most students have doubts, as they understand the weight of an IB extended essay and how it may affect their final grade. However, the decision to order an IB extended essay writing service was justified by a wish to deliver a top IB EE. International Baccalaureate students usually face more difficulties in education compared to native speakers as apart from the research problem itself they also have to work hard on their English language competencies. One of the major problems international students experience when they take International Baccalaureateclasses is the desire to complete the task without grammar mistakes. Students may have perfect knowledge of the subject, but the language barrier may prevent them to complete a perfect paper. There are many examples of when international students write perfect IB extended essays. However, the time and effort they spend on this writing are considerable. If you are ready to spend sleepless nights to complete your essay, you may try to cope with the assignment yourself. However, you need to remember that apart from this final task you also have other classes and subjects to learn.

Asking for assistance is a good decision. Using our custom writing services you are sure to receive quality professional help. Turning to us with the request to write your essay you will get a well-structured, complete essay for your diploma. If you have fears about the quality of writing or other issues, you may check the testimonials on our site or look through the sample essays we have left for you to have an opportunity to check what products you may expect at the end of our cooperation. We offer our help, as we understand how stressful the period of exams may be. Even though IB EE is a lengthy project and you have time to complete it without rush, many students are so overwhelmed with the tasks and assignments that they start writing their extended essays when the time presses significantly. If you are the one who needs help, we are here to assist you. Do not worry, our cooperation is always professional, and no one will ever know about it if you do not tell them. All our processes are strictly confidential and your data is highly protected.

IB Extended Essay Writing Help

If you order IB extended essay writing help with our company, you are sure to get a range of advantages:

  • You will receive a unique paper written specifically for you. As soon as you send us the topic for research, a writer will start gathering information for your literature review. We do not have setlists of sources to use, as each project is unique. Sine your research topic is sure to be innovative as IB EE requires, our writers will conduct research just for you.
  • The quality of the paper cannot be questioned as our writers are professionals in what they do. Moreover, to ensure the top quality of writing we have a department of editors who check papers for quality and edit them if needed. Thus, your paper comes through a serious check that allows us to say about guarantees.
  • We have a transparent pricing policy that allows you to understand how the price for the order is formed. Each paper is unique as well as the customer who may need some additional features or who may wish to refuse some. As a result, you may influence the price of the order using changing the number of pages and the deadline, and adding the summary, extended revision request option, a draft, and other points you may consider necessary.
  • No matter when you need assistance, we are ready to help you as we work 24/7. Our agents are ready to assist you in placing an order or any other service you may need. We also have a team of writers who work night shifts to offer you an urgent help. You may contact our agents via email, chat, or a toll-free number.
  • Do not worry about the payment because we use the latest SSL encryption technology that allows providing safe and secured transactions. No matter what payment option you choose, we do not gather and keep your payment information as the transactions are provided by the individual financial institutions you may trust. No data about your credit card or any other payment information is seen by us.
  • We understand what a deadline means; that is why each paper you order with us will be delivered on time. Our writers strictly stick to the deadlines you set. When placing an order we ask you to set reasonable deadlines, as you should understand that it is impossible to write a quality 10-page research within 2 hours. However, each set of instructions and order deadline may be negotiated.
  • Seeking for professional IB extended essay writing service you actually need a professional writer who will complete your paper of the highest quality. We can offer you a range of writers on any topic you may need. We constantly hire new writers to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. Our writers hold Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees that help us to cope with assignments of any quality. Our writers have specializations in different fields that allow us to assign your papers to the professionals in your particular field of study.

Cheap IB Extended Essay Writer

Price always matters; that is why you may seek a cheap IB extended essay writer. However, when choosing the cheapest service you should attentively check whether you may trust it. Several signs may make you worry about the quality of the paper as the services with the signs listed below may be a scam.

  1. Scam services usually hide testimonials and do not allow their clients to leave feedback.
  2. You cannot find any phone numbers and the only option to contact such a service is to chat with them online.
  3. Scam companies do not offer open and commonly accepted payment services asking you to provide payment using some uncommon or even strange payment options.
  4. There is not set information about the company pricing policy and you never know how the price is formed. The same order may have different prices, and no one can explain why the payment has changed.

If you check our website you will see that you can easily find feedback from our customers, our phone numbers, and the pricing policy. Our payment options are also fair and clear. That is why

The quality of the final product and the professionalism of writers in scam companies is always a surprise. If you do not like such surprises and want to use a cheap IB extended essay writing service but with professional writers, you need to contact us. Our writers obtain the most outstanding features. If you place an order with us, you will get assistance from professional writers who have extended experience in writing and constantly improve their knowledge and skills. The high quality of our papers is guaranteed because our writers obtain degrees in different professions, and it helps us find a writer for your topic. Each of our writers comes through extensive training in formatting that allows them to arrange your papers in any citation style you may need.

Custom IB Extended Essays

No matter what your reasons are, ordering custom IB extended essays with us is a good decision. Having placed an order, you should forget about anything and deepen into other tasks you have to complete as your IB EE paper will be ready on time. Our writers always follow the requirements, and you should not worry about how the paper will be written. It will be completed by your strict instructions. We have already written much about our IB extended essay writing service. However, we also presuppose that you may need other additional services. We have many customers, who write their IB extended essays themselves, but they still want to improve the quality of the papers and they turn to us. We can offer one of the services, in this case, editing and formatting. Each of these services aims to improve the quality of your writing.

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Formatting presupposes that the writer will arrange your paper by the chosen citation style. In this case, you will get a paper with the title page, a perfectly managed reference page, and the in-text citations that correspond to the selected style. In case of editing, our writers will amend your paper, check its content, and correct grammar. Formatting is included in the editing service. Thus, you decide which service you want to receive. You may send us the comments from your professor and ask for the editing service; in this case, the paper will be amended as per your comments. Each case is individual. We always listen to the needs of our customers and offer the best solutions to their issues.

Buy IB Extended Essay Online

If you have decided to buy IB extended essay online services with our company, but you still have some doubts, let us try to show you why our services are the best choice for you.

  • We are a large custom writing service that is why we can afford to offer good discounts for our writers. Using our services for the first time, you are eligible for a bonus. Just contact our support team to get the details. If you are a loyal customer, you can also expect to get a discount. Just check the details on the site.
  • We guarantee a high quality of the product. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the services, you may ask for a revision for free within 48 hours after the completed paper is uploaded. If you know that the paper will be graded not immediately and you wait for the professor’s comments, you may order an extended revision service. In this case, you will have an opportunity to place an order for revision for free within 14 days.
  • We offer a range of free additional services. Buying an EE with us, you do not pay anything, but you get a range of additional services. First, you have an opportunity to communicate with your writer directly which simplifies the communication process and allows you to share some ideas and concerns with your writer. Second, you will get a formatting service for free. Thus, the writer will provide you with the title page and the list of references formatted as you require. Third, you may ask the writer to create a simple outline. Fourth, if you order an APA format, an abstract is provided for free as a part of the formatting service.


Thus, using our IB extended essay writing service you will get even more than you have expected because we are sure that we do not only write papers, but we serve our customers.

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