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  1. Order Reaction Papers Online: Deal with a Tough Assignment in a Few Clicks
  2. Reaction Paper: Guide for Dummies
  3. Reaction Paper Key Components
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Order Reaction Papers Online: Deal with a Tough Assignment in a Few Clicks


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Reaction Paper: Guide for Dummies


Similar to other types of academic papers, such as essays or research papers, a good reaction paper must contain a powerful central argument expressed in an elaborated thesis statement. One major difference between a reaction paper and, for example, argumentative essay is that the former allows first person pronoun use. So your professor expects to find your personal opinion on this kind of papers.

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Reaction Paper Key Components

Even though all reaction papers different, there are some basic components in its outline that you have to include. Just like many other paper types, a reaction paper must include:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

These elements are necessary for the reader to comprehend your overarching argument.

As to the content of the paper, there are also certain requirements to follow. Despite its relevant structural and content laxity, reaction paper is still not free writing, there are several rules do adhere to. First, it is necessary to include a brief summary (or description) of a work in question be it a book, film, picture, or event. The summary should not be longer than one paragraph and it usually comes right after the introduction. Second, there should be a reaction to the work you have summarized, so in the subsequent paragraphs, you have to share your own view on the subject. However, the reaction has to be based on evidence, therefore, this part of the paper will eat up much of your time.

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It similar to the introduction of an essay or a research paper because it also establishes the context of the discussion and attracts the reader’s attention. Apart from this, the introduction of a reaction paper should clearly state what you are responding to.
For example, if the task is to provide a reaction to Jane Eyre, the introduction should contain the title of the book and the author’s name, as well as a brief explanation of the type of the reaction. Will you offer a personal feedback on the main character or maybe you would like to explore the gender roles of that time? In other words, the opening paragraph should give the readers the idea of the subject matter and your point of view.
For this reason, when buying a reaction paper online, you should specify the book (short story, film, etc.) the essay is supposed to react to.


Although this is another important component of a reaction paper, it should not constitute the bulk of the paper. Many students’ essays fail because they offer too much summary. In a reaction paper, personal response and analysis are the most meaningful, so summary should not be too detailed.
For example, if you have to provide a reaction to an article on the Civil Rights movement, you will have to briefly describe the movement first. The summary will serve as the blueprint for the subsequent analysis and reaction.


The analysis is the most voluminous section because here, the writer uses the examples from the analyzed piece and relevant outside sources (if applicable) to interpret the piece in question and share one’s opinions and ideas about it. The success of the paper (and the grade) depends on the quality of the analysis. It should not be one-sided or biased and it should rely on evidence.

For example, in case of writing about the Civil Rights movement, it would be appropriate to mention one’s understanding of the event, its precursors and impact. You can choose to focus on one aspect of the movement, say, discrimination, and describe it in detail. Should you feel uncomfortable explaining such moments, you may say that it is difficult to imagine a society which placed so little emphasis on a person’s dignity and how this experience resonates with your understanding of the social issues of the modern-day America.

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Conclusion and Reaction

Since the conclusion wraps up the whole discussion, it can produce a lasting positive (or negative) effect on the reader, so the importance of this section should not be underestimated. The last paragraph encapsulates the main ideas of the paper as well as your feelings about the analyzed piece. Sometimes students bring in new ideas in the concluding paragraph, which results in deducted points. The conclusion of a reaction paper should remind and solidify the central argument, being mostly concentrated on why you had certain reaction and how it prompted you to reconsider your understanding of similar situations.

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