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Superb Affiliate Program Means Cheaper Papers

Invite people to us and gain great advantages, i.e. 10% from the writing projects they order. Those using our services will get a big discount on their first paper.

Start generating profits by placing an order on our website. As a result, we will create an account for you. The next step is to share a special discount code or a link available in your account with your friends by using your email or any other means of communication. In this way, you will become a participant in our efficient affiliate program. The users following the link or using the code will be automatically recorded by our system.

Once the referral link is followed by your friends, they will be taken to the order section. The discount code will be used automatically. Thus, your friends will be given a discount on their first assignment.

Once the full payment is made and the paper is written, you will earn 10% of the sum paid by your acquaintance. The generated cash can be spent on your subsequent orders.

In conclusion, you merely need to send an affiliate link or a promo code to your friends. As soon as they use any of the said items, they will be provided with a discount and you will earn 10% from their papers. It is a profitable deal, isn’t it?

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