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If you want to save time and enhance your academic performance, buy a research proposal help from a distinguished writing organization. Various higher educational establishments task their learners with devising a research paper proposal. To design a research proposal that will yield a high mark, you need to perfectly know what this type of paper looks like.

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For example, if you are not sufficiently competent, you may write a paper that resembles a case study or an essay rather than a research proposal. A proper research proposal is supposed to provide insight into your future investigation. In this paper, you must clearly identify your research questions and the methods you will use to answer them.

Only an experienced research proposal writer can compose a well-structured research proposal. Therefore, if you doubt that you possess the expertise necessary to successfully complete the research proposal assignment, you should enlist the services of reliable writing companies and purchase a paper online.

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You can buy a Ph.D. research proposal from numerous websites. However, not all custom writing services offer exemplary Ph.D. research proposal help. If this is your first time trying to find a reputable research proposal writing service, you may be genuinely frustrated. Therefore, we will give you a few valuable tips for free!

Research Proposal vs Research Paper

“Research proposal vs research paper” is an issue many learners do not understand. To compile a quality research proposal, you must not only have good research and writing skills but also clearly comprehend the difference between a research paper and a research proposal.

Thus, if you need to turn in a social work research proposal, for example, you could utilize the services of qualified writers. Otherwise, you can get a poor grade or even fail a course. Many paper writing services are ready to aid you with your assignment for a reasonable fee.

Learners from all parts of the world use the services of writing companies if they need to complete a criminal justice research proposal, a scientific research proposal, a business research proposal, or any other kind of research proposal. However, finding a reliable website might prove to be tricky. Therefore, you should only collaborate with prominent companies.

Complete Research Proposal Sample on Teenage Suicide

First, you need to determine whether a company employs professional writers who are well-versed in multiple subjects. Companies that provide quality research proposal writing services are not afraid to provide information about their personnel’s credentials and degrees.

Second, you should try to find a service whose employees are proficient in multiple subjects. A prestigious Ph.D. proposal writing service must be able to undertake assignments of any complexity and writing level, as well as specialize in all existing subjects, including psychology, healthcare, economics, and physics. You could order a short paper to verify the level of performance of a dissertation proposal writing service you choose.

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Free Research Proposal Sample on Transgender Youth and Self-Harm

The problem of self-harm appears to be common in recent years, and many people are struggling to deal with it. The people who are inclined to self-harm can be almost everywhere. For instance, the study and work like many others. Moreover, sometimes such a person has relatives and friends who do not even guess about the problem. In order to learn how to cope with such a serious issue and prevent oneself from unwanted consequences, one should know about the causes and the symptoms of such a behavioral malady.

The focus question of the study is: How does self-harm actually influence transgender youth that is experiencing a mental health problem?


Buy a Research Proposal Paper

Do not hesitate and buy a research proposal paper from an accomplished company that has been providing quality academic writing services for many years. Purchase a research project proposal online and we guarantee that your professor will be pleasantly surprised by it.


Completely Free Example of Research Proposal Paper

Pursuing my research, I intend to investigate factors contributing to the decision of WM Morrison Supermarkets PLC to finally go online and analyze impacts made by economic environments on the UK’s fourth-largest food retailer. This paper will argue that being driven by the fall in profits and advantages associated with the Internet-based operations of its rivals, the supermarket chain has refocused its performance. The aims and objectives are as follows:

  1. To outline and examine current scholarly grounds and theoretical frameworks pertaining to online business operations, specifically to online sales and e-commerce.
  2. To investigate and specify factors contributing to the transition of WM Morrison Supermarkets PLC, the UK’s fourth-largest food retailer, to online sales.
  3. To examine trends inherent in contemporary online operations conducted by the UK supermarket chains.
  4. To recommend solutions based on my research that will help to ensure the efficiency of online operations of WM Morrison Supermarkets PLC.


Buy Qualitative Research Proposal at an Affordable Price

Whether your major is economics or you were simply tasked with composing a research proposal for the sake of practice, you can buy a qualitative research proposal online to avoid any potential problems. In such a paper, you are supposed to introduce your chosen topic of research and convince your target audience that your future study is an important endeavor. However, to clearly express your ideas, you must have good writing skills. A thesis proposal is a quite similar assignment that requires you to be creative and innovative. Since we are passionate about education and helping learners in need, we offer you our proposal writing help. In order to impress your educators, you ought to devise a well-organized piece of writing. We will help you with that.

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Free Example of a Research Paper Proposal

Nowadays, CSR has become an essential part of many businesses. CSR practices are usually treated as a way of quality improvement. Canon India is a responsible business that stays focused on a variety of sustained CSR projects. CSR activities are considered to be an inevitable part of the company’s vision. The study investigates the implementation of CSR practices by Canon India. Primary and secondary data analysis will represent research data.

Primary data will be received from interviews. A case study will provide information about the CSR activities of the Canon company in India. It was revealed that the latter is engaged in a number of CSR initiatives focusing on the local community. CSR practices of the company address the issues of blood donation, education, eye care, blood donation, social welfare, environment conservation, art, culture, sports, disaster relief, humanitarian aid, and others.


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Example of Research Proposal Paper

This is a research proposal, which seeks to establish the significance of Mozart’s operas for soprano. In the research proposal, the importance of Mozart’s opera for soprano will also be discussed. The reasons why the research to be conducted would be of value to a wider community of music scholars have also been discussed, with the author seeking to identify ways in which the scholars can utilize the information and skills that they will have acquired from Mozart’s work. Two of Mozart’s operas for soprano will also be used for the purpose of the research. The operas are the aria “Dehvieni non tardar” of Susanna and the aria “Porgiamorqualcheristoro” of Rosina. The methodology to be applied in the research has also been clearly stated and systematically illustrated.


Tips on Buying a Quality Proposal Paper

One day you may be tasked with writing a research proposal related to one of your core subjects, for example, a sociology research proposal. However, you might also need to complete term papers, write essays, and compile lab reports besides composing a research proposal. Even if you are a gifted student, you may be at risk of burnout if you try completing all those papers in a short period of time. Moreover, you may make glaring mistakes due to exhaustion.

If you enlist online assistance, rest assured that people with Master’s and Ph.D. degrees will work on your paper. They will diligently follow all your instructions and format your paper. Read 5 step writing guide to create a perfect term paper proposal with the professional help of Exclusive Papers writers.

Purchase Research Paper Proposals Online

Whether you need an undergraduate research proposal or a psychology research proposal, we can do it! At, we cherish professionalism and excellence. We employ almost a thousand professional writers who have good written English skills. Due to our writing team’s competence, we managed to become a leading paper writing service in nearly thirty countries.

Our experts can design a well-structured research proposal, parts of a research proposal, and even a complete research paper. Many learners utilize the services of Exclusive on a regular basis.

Research Proposal on Time Management in Corporations

The primary focus will be on suggesting ways in which human capital can act as the implicit relationship between domains as diverse as, the efficiency gap, the static facets of corporate culture such as diversity or team profiling, and planning as well as goal setting, including the dynamic pillars. In other words, human capital will be the key construct that needs to be neither observable nor measurable directly, while still affecting all of these performance KPIs or internal controls acting as if they were entangled.

The initial power analysis based on alpha and beta at 0.05 each and a reasonably large ES of 0.6 (as rationalized further) suggests that a moderate R-square of 0.47 could be attained with a sample size as small as 28 units (Exhibit 1). Sensitivity analysis shows that, reducing the effect size to 0.3 calls for a sample size of 68, albeit garnering a meager R-square of 0.20 (Exhibit 2). Since a longitudinal study cannot be run at this stage (primary data would take a prohibitively long time to collect), a pooled data set will only be considered for future research. At the same time, the predictive power may have to be raised at the cost of forgoing some (1-beta) power, with prior significance staying the same and sample size hovering somewhere in-between.


Research Proposal on Financial Risk Management

Therefore, it is clear that regarding the risk management in SMEs, two major problems exist. First, SMEs differ from large organizations significantly, and second, there is inadequate research focusing on risk management in SMEs. The existing theories on risk management can be sufficiently applied to SMEs as it is vital to make considerations of their needs, as well as, characteristics (Gao, Oreal & Zhang 2014). By focusing on SMEs in the Gulf Cooperation Countries and their internal financial risks, the research shall attempts to identify how financial analysis can be incorporated.

Verbano & Venturini (2013) highlight the importance of risk management by identifying it as the one that enables risk minimization by spreading it across various independent events. The risk can also emanate from internal factors, such as human resources and infrastructure, as well as technology and processes. It can also be attributed to external factors including, social, economic, environmental, political, and technological aspects. Verbano & Venturini (2013) state that financial risk management is the process followed in the creation of economic value in a company through the use of fiscal tools and methods for risk exposure management.


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Research Paper Proposals on Any Subject and of Any Complexity

Provide us with clear instructions and we will craft a research proposal that will meet all your requirements. We will assign a writer who is proficient in a relevant subject. You will be astonished by our personnel’s professionalism, politeness, ethical conduct, and punctuality. Our employees will conduct thorough research and provide you with an academic paper excellent demonstrating critical thinking and strong arguments.

Example of Research Proposal Paper about Incorporating Urban Highways into Communities

Statement of the Problem

The problem is that the urban highway divides regional communities and break up a city into many separate parts. The creation of urban sub-communities reduces the levels of integration among city dwellers hence it can threaten the national efforts towards peace, co-existence, security, and economic stability. A segmented city, on the other hand, can limit city dwellers’ access to important facilities such as for recreation, shopping, and health purposes reducing the quality of living among a city populace.


The integration of town freeways into urban populations will build a vigorous highway ecosystem by providing vital entrance points to important amenities in addition to encouraging the integration of the urban-dwelling community. In addition, the study of Lawrence Halprin’s concepts and case studies of his effort will help to build on the first choices of the public to develop evocative urban amenities for all members of metropolitan communities. Ultimately, there will be the incorporation of city communities in urban freeway formation. Similarly, the employment of different works of Halprin will aid engineers to build parks and link people across freeways.


Example of Research Proposal Paper on Criminology

Research Questions

The main research question of the study is to establish if binge drinking and drug-taking are part of growing up. To answer the main question, specific questions are also explored. The questions include:

  1. Are alcohol and drug taking a part of growing up?
  2. What alternatives are in a social group environment?
  3. What are the motivations and the reasoning behind binge drinking and drug-taking?
  4. Are these avenues (alcohol and drug-taking) being used as a way to ‘fit in’?

Research Objectives

The main research objective of the study is to establish if binge drinking and drug taking are part of growing up. To achieve the main objective, four specific objectives are also considered. The objectives include:

  1. To establish whether alcohol and drug taking are part of growing up.
  2. To establish whether there are alternatives in social group environments.
  3. To establish the motivations and reasoning behind binge drinking and drug-taking.
  4. To establish whether alcohol and drug taking are used as a way to ‘fit in’.


Free Example of Research Proposal Paper on Global Warming


Global warming is the gradual increase in the average temperature of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans. The greenhouse effect is supposed to be the main factor that causes global warming. It implies the increase in the temperature of the lower atmosphere of the planet compared to the thermal radiation of the planet, as seen from space. The climate plays a major role in the life of every creature on the planet. It not only affects the livelihoods of individuals, but also the formation, development, and destruction of entire civilizations. The climate influences the health of people and their well-being, as well as the productivity and the epidemiological situation, and much more. That is why the climate is paid much attention not only by scientists and politicians but also by ordinary people.

The number of alternative theories of global warming is endless. However, the theory which implies the prime role of anthropogenic activity is supposed to be the most widespread. However, there is an approach that insists that none of the factors is the most influential. It states that the combination of factors affects the world’s climate changes and not a single one.

The following paper proposes the changes and reconsiderations in international environmental law. The modernization of the world’s ecological legislation system and the creation of the united legal framework that will regulate anthropogenic activities are proposed as the most efficient method in order to stop the possible disastrous effects of global warming and global flooding.


Free Research Proposal on Information Security Policy

Data Collection

I plan to use a deductive approach in this research in order to develop some policies that will help ensure Government information security in Saudi Arabia. However, the above-mentioned information security policies must go through some stages in order to be adopted. There are five stages of adoption of these information security policies.


Expert Online Assistance with a Thesis Proposal

To compile an adequate research proposal, you must have a clear vision of your future research. In addition, you must have clearly defined objectives and hypotheses. Moreover, you must be aware of different methods, tools, and instruments you can employ to collect and analyze data. You should also pay special attention to such sections of a research proposal as a literature review and the part featuring the discussion of results. Your introduction and conclusion sections, as well as an abstract, must be coherent and well-organized as well.

Further, it is necessary to determine whether your research will be qualitative or quantitative early on. At Exclusive, we realize that students may lack the expertise necessary to compile an engaging paper featuring a logical flow of ideas. Therefore, our experienced thesis writers are always prepared to lend you a hand.

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Purchase Ph.D. Proposals of Different Kinds

Some of our customers acknowledge that crafting a brief yet effective research proposal is frequently more difficult than completing a research paper itself. In fact, you need to envision the whole future project in order to be able to clearly define goals, methodology, and potential implications. We can compose the following kinds of research proposals:

  1. Ph.D. thesis proposal

The purpose of this paper is to inform your target audience about the scope of your future research and the frameworks you plan to utilize to answer your research questions. A Ph.D. thesis proposal needs to be sufficiently elaborate and detailed.

  1. Ph.D. dissertation proposal

The structure of a research proposal for the dissertation is similar to that of a Ph.D. thesis proposal. However, various educational establishments may have unique requirements. Therefore, attach your university’s guidelines and we will follow them to the letter.

  1. Ph.D. research proposal

Since this one of the most widespread assignments, you may find plenty of research proposal examples online. The aim of this type of a research proposal is to identify methods you plan to use in the course of research and review available primary and secondary sources.

Research Proposal about Venture Capital

Research Proposal Writing Assistance: Low Prices and Qualified Staff

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Research Proposal Example about FDI

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