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Three Idiots

While watching Three Idiots, I was struck by the way people greet each other, their faith, and the way they participate in events. For greetings, the characters demonstrate a lot of respect by swing one leg in a position of “half standing.” Indians as portrayed in the movie believe in various gods; different students carry out separate rituals to please their gods. One gives a cow grass to eat as another seeks to please a snake, puffing smoke into the air among other activities. They are all trying to appease their gods in order to pass well for them in their exams. When the daughter of ICE director is marrying, I get to understand that no one attends a wedding without official invitation. Raju, Rancho, and Farhan are very afraid of getting caught for gate crushing that wedding, which according to our culture, would not matter your presence in the wedding. It would instead be a welcoming experience.  


These differences are actually what define a particular group. Their way of greeting, worship, and engaging in social activities makes the culture of the Indians unique. Having learnt about the Indians, I realize how much I need to adjust to fit into this culture. Our way of greeting is really not that involving even though not disrespectful. I understand that I will now have to take greetings seriously in that land; otherwise, coping with others can be difficult. On matters of worship, it would not be hard. I will stick to what I know. On social matters, I will adjust easily now that I know the procedure.

Thus, it is undeniable that the Indian culture is good for teaching manners and ensuring order in the society. People do not just pop into events anyhow. I believe, this is a good practice for the purposes of being orderly and doing things in a very controlled way. Good organization is important to make progress in our daily lives. It would be of great benefit to be courteous in the way we treat each other as in the Indian culture. It creates a good rapport and strong relationships leading to meaningful co-existence. Every other thing in worship, infrastructure, and people’s way of living is admirable. There is freedom of choice and that way, life would be easy to adjust in such an environment.

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