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The Blind Side

The Blind Side movie directed by John Lee Hancock is a rather popular nowadays sports drama. It depicts the story of a caring woman who managed to change it all. The movie once again shows that a kid from the foster home can become a big star one day, and the entire plot is based on a real-life story with few changes to it.

The Blind Side has a very diverse cast of actors. Quinton Aaron, being the least known actor in the movie, gets a key role. This is his first big movie as he only appeared in episodes in TV series or little-known movies. Sandra Bullock brings on all of her best features playing the caring woman with a sincere heart and pure intentions. Tim McGraw is a co-star bringing close attention to The Blind Side of a huge number of his fans. He is a more experienced actor than Quinton Aaron, but his appearance in this movie cannot be explained by his unique acting rather by his country singer fame.

The movie was shot on the grounds of a real school with many students becoming involved as background actors. Sport-related scenes were developed and shot with the support of real football coaches who did act in this movie playing themselves. Special attention should be paid to such details as the costumes for the cast. Everything was kept simple, nice, and not distracting the viewer from the actual events in the movie. All the scenes in the movie are set easy for understanding with an emphasis on the important issues keeping mainline in the first place.


The Blind Side is one of the thousands of movies based on the book. However, it is unique since the author of the book depicted real-life events without changing them, and the director of the movie also kept up to the line of uniqueness and originality keeping the original characters and events as close to life as possible. Viewers can compare the events in the movie to the facts in the book and to the life story of Michael Oher, who was perfectly played by Quinton Aaron.

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