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Modern Family in Britain

The article discusses the intrigues and unconventional family setting of a modern family in Britain. Shanea Gaiger welcomes the world to have a glimpse at her family; a setting that has overcome the conventions of the society, which is to operate well despite the views of the society towards a woman having two husbands at the same time.

The Open-Marriage Relationship by Shanea Gaiger

Gaiger claims she is in love with two men and cannot let go of either of them. She comes up with a plan to have both of them. The article outlines how Gaiger manages to get both husband and boyfriend to agree to her arrangement: all of them staying together as a happy family. The open-marriage relationship that they both initiated allowed her to fall in love with another person even though she was married and had children.

She engages both men and makes them accept the situation without much resistance from either the husband or the boyfriend, as would have been anticipated. This introduces a view of how liberal society might have changed over the past years and how it no longer upholds the sanctity of marriage. The entire country views her as either the luckiest woman or the most insane woman in Britain.

The husband, John, and the boyfriend, Noel, developed an unusual friendship from the point of their meeting and seemed to have accepted each other. John does not view the relationship as sharing a woman because he believes that Gaiger loves them both and they too love her. John says that he is contented with the arrangement as he believes that someone who makes her wife happy is a good person.

Children in Open-Marriage Relationship

Gaiger seems oblivious of the impact that such an arrangement might have on the development and growth of the children. She believes that their family setting is just different when viewed by outsiders; but from the inside, it is like any other normal family. She tries to justify her happiness without considering how it might affect the children.

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