“Why Abortion is Immoral” by Don Marquis




The problem of abortion is a subject under discussion nowadays. This topic includes a lot of controversial aspects. Therefore, it is a difficult task to claim something once and for all. The majority of scientists do not pay much attention to the moral evaluation of this phenomenon, which is significant. Still, one of them, Donald Marquis, has no fear to express his position. I can’t help disagreeing with his ideas because I consider them liberal and flexible. At the same time, his position is firm.

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According to Don Marquis, abortion is immoral with some exceptions. It is equal to the killing of an individual. It is wrong due not to its impact on the relatives of the victim, but its influence on the victim itself. As the author states, the loss of the biological life is the loss of the various activities, experiences, enjoyments, and projects, which would have formed the future life of the personality (Marquis 190).

Indeed, the murder is the end of all the opportunities for the victim because his/her future has no more value. Still, there may be some exceptions, when the life of a woman is under the threat. Thus, the main idea is that it is immoral to take one’s life because life is of the highest value. Every person lives to develop oneself, become a personality, and consider oneself as a project with different ways to be carried out.

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To sum up, it is often difficult to provide a moral analysis of a certain phenomenon. Nevertheless, in the case of abortion, it is clear that it is about taking away one’s life. Life is the multitude of chances, which we have to use. Thus, it is immoral and unfair to evaluate this phenomenon as something positive and useful.

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