The Whitney Museum of American Art




Nowadays, contemporary art is considered to be quite controversial and complex. Most artists try to combine entirely different aspects of art. Moreover, the political background and mentality of the society have a great impact on the artist. An excellent example of such art was shown in the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Exhibition America is Hard to See

The recent exhibition organized in the Whitney Museum of American Art is called “America is Hard to See.” The exhibition represents the masterpieces of modern artists and their perception of the world. There is a wide range of pictures as well as other exhibits in the museum. All of them reveal the identity of American society. A bright example is the picture Learn Where the Meat Comes From, which represents the biased attitude towards women. The artist conveys the view that women are like meat, a desirable object of humanity. Moreover, the main essence of the picture is the description of the contemporary mentality of Americans. Nowadays, there is a wide range of TV shows that illustrate women merely as housekeepers.

Nevertheless, the truth is hidden deep inside the shows. By demonstrating attractive housekeepers, the directors try to convince the audience that women should stay at home and look after the house. The Learn Where the Meat Comes From reveals the reality of the mentioned shows. It proves that the depiction of women as housekeepers is absurd. Thus, women have a right to work and to live independently. They are not responsible for looking after the house. They can choose for themselves what way to follow. The interaction of place and identity is quite understandable in the mentioned exhibit. The representation of the kitchen as the main place for women and the attitude of the society towards women enable the demonstration of the contemporary mentality of American society. I think that the place perfectly suits the structural content of the exhibit.

Exhibition Untitled

Another exhibit is called Untitled. It represents a woman holding a magazine in her hand. The picture can be analyzed from various perspectives. On the one hand, the picture illustrates the fact that modern mass media are deeply ingrained in humans’ mentality. It is considered to be an integral part of individuals’ lives. It enables people to be aware of a situation at social as well as cultural levels. On the other hand, the picture reveals the true reality of the contemporary world. It shows that humans depend on mass media. The mass media indeed shape human consciousness. It forms individual attitudes towards race, sex, politics, religion, and other important issues. The majority of modern people forget about their own preferences as well as personal points of view.

Nevertheless, the mass media do not give such a chance but mold their personal perspective of the world. It is considered to be a global problem in contemporary society. The lack of human identity is caused by the excessive influence of the mass media. Speaking about the relationship between place and identity, one may admit that the place of the picture shows the reality of American society. It seems that the content is also related to the place. The illustration of the beautiful model and the white background supplement each other.


In conclusion, both exhibits reveal the real mentality of contemporary society. It proves the fact that society is influenced by many internal as well as external factors. As a result, society suffers greatly, since it follows certain limits. The exhibition aims to change humans’ mentality and makes society more independent.

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