Happiness and Solitude




Everyone wants to be happy. Generally, it is the main goal of a person’s existence. Someone needs to become rich or famous to reach the top of happiness; someone wants to become a mother and to have a great big family. Others are happy when they do something good and feel that they are needed. Happiness is individual; it has so many ways to express itself and so many faces. However, one once said that to be happy, everything that a person needs is another person. This statement seems to be right.


Even the most successful man feels lonely if no one is waiting for him at home for dinner. A woman can have dozens of admirers but still feeling unable to share her thoughts and emotions with any of them. Each person needs to have a friend to talk with; one who will sit close and listen to you talking about emotional and exciting things or absolutely nothing important and nod or laugh just to keep your company. A person sees his/her reflection in the eyes of the companion.

Philosophical Analysis of Happiness

These days, people carefully try to avoid solitude. They seem to be simply afraid to stay alone or being caught alone in public. A lot of young people think that being alone is a kind of humiliation. Most of them start to pity others for being lonely and unwanted. The logic is simple: if you have no friends, boyfriend or girlfriend around all the time, you have to be not the best person, apparently boring and unattractive. Nowadays, people are often about showing off. They tend to be in the epicenter of events, no matter big ones or small ones; people want to be recognized and followed. Being known and admired is the goal of so many people right now. Almost everyone wants to be a celebrity.


Famous people are always in the spotlight. Their lives and behavior are the focus of everyone’s interest. A notable or well-known person who has achieved some degree of fame – politician, business leader, musician, or actor – will always be the focus of intense public scrutiny. Public figures can evoke admiration or disapproval; anyway, people talk about them, search for information about their favorites, and tend to be alike. Watching TV or reading magazines, people get a lot of information about celebrities and their personal lives, searching for some juicy details. Constant close attention is the sweetest thing in the fact of being a star. However, it is only true in the case of real celebrities.

The contemporary youth is all about self-importance. Young people make so many selfies every day and spread them all over the Internet thinking that it is interesting and the world just cannot miss any little bit of that information. Canon, Nikon, or simply the frontal camera of the iPhone seems to become a window to the magical world where everyone likes you. Computer, laptops, and all the gadgets are vehicles that drive you in the parallel universe where people never stay alone.

Numerous accounts in different social networks like Facebook and Twitter, endless and often meaningless conversations in Skype, Viber, and WhatsApp, hundreds of text messages every day, are the things that give people the impression to be an important part of society. The excessive activity in digital life, the so-called virtual life makes a person addicted to the Internet. After a while, this second life becomes as important as the real one. A person feels obligated to duplicate all the life events on the Facebook wall. The world sees it all: photos from the holidays, your last meal, penultimate lunch, your grumpy cat; eventually, all people know when and why your last relationship ended and how deep is your depression. A contemporary self needs to feel a connection to the world.


345 “friends” from the friend list make one think that he or she is really connected to all these people and they are somehow important to him/her. However, there is a reality, and there is an objective reality. You are alone in the network. People engage in social networks to avoid loneliness, but it does not work this way. Network friends and events will never replace real ones. Certainly, being alone is sad, and a person needs someone to share images, photos, jokes, emotions, and plans. But still, what happened to the good side of loneliness?

It seems that people forgot how good it can feel to be alone for a while, to seat in a comfortable chair hearing the thoughts running in the head, not being disturbed by the permanently ringing phone. That is one of your friends calling for the tenth time to confirm a meeting that has already been arranged. How do people even meet without those hundreds of calls earlier? Solitude can be wonderful; you just need to let it in. It does not need to be your long-term guest, but sometimes it is nice to stop moving around and just look at the mirror. Solitude is an important part of many philosophical and psychological practices like Buddhism with its Nirvana, different kinds of yoga, and breathing practices.

Most people falsely identify solitude as boredom. In fact, these days, all the gadgets and digital devices are prevented people from sitting and getting bored. The TV offers many different kinds of entertainment; the computer has many games, besides the infinite possibilities that the Internet can give to a person, no matter what age he/she is. Technologies take away the solitude and make the generation think that they should avoid it.

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Happiness is the balance of everything in life: water and salt, smiles and tears, sun and snow. Happiness is harmony. Only solitude can help appreciate how important are some people in your life. When you find the balance between solitude and close people around, admit that you need some time to understand all that.

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