Weather and Human Behavior

Effect of Weather on Human Behavior Essay

The weather has an impact on the human behavior. The physical environment that is under study is a region experiencing the four-weather season of the year. The objective of the paper is to understand the negative and positive effects of weather on the human behavior and human strategies in adapting to the different weather conditions. The positive effects include the vigor that makes people very energetic to take part in different activities and relaxed behavior. The negative effects are aggressive, violent and depressive behavior. The human adaptive strategies include the weather prediction to avoid surprises; dressing appropriately for the season and coming up with positive attitudes towards all the seasons by finding the activities to participate in every season. The other area for future study is the effect of weather on the human beings behavior.



The physical environment is the surrounding around an organism that influences the growth and development of an organism. The physical environment may include the weather of a place. The weather may include the rain, wind, temperature and humidity of a place. All these weather patterns have effects on the human behavior. People have come up with ways to adapt to the negative effects of the weather. The physical environment can influence the human behavior because it can be natural or built. The weather of a place is the natural physical surrounding of a human. The environment has conditions that may include temperature, light, humidity, rain among others.

Physical Environment

In a physical environment that experience the four seasons of the weather, change of human behavior is observed in every season (Nelson 91). For example, in Canada, there are four seasons that include spring, summer, fall and winter. The weather condition varies across Canada every season. Canada is situated in the northern part of the United States. Though it is not among the countries at the north that experience very cold weather. The country’s weather is mild.

In a country that experiences the four seasons, the weather conditions change throughout the year. The spring season is experienced from March to May. This is the season when the snow begins to melt. During this period, it rains a lot. The days tend to become warmer and longer, and the nights tend to be cool. The weather is not as cold as the winter season, but it is not as hot as in summer.

The summer’s season starts from June to August. The temperatures during the day are usually above 20 degrees Celsius. The temperature can get hotter to about 30 degrees Celsius or higher. During July, the weather continues to become hotter to around the month of August.

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The other season is the autumn. It is expected in the month of September to November. It is the shortest season of the year. The days appear to become clearly shorter. The weather can be rainy or dry depending on the year. The first frosts may appear during this season. The beautiful green color of the environment may start turning into brownish. This is because the tree leave dry out before they fall out of the tree.

Winter season may start from December. During this season, the temperature becomes very low. The days and nights become very cold. The daytime temperature sometimes is below the zero degrees Celsius. Winter season is the longest season of the year. This temperature is made harsh may the winds that makes the weather even colder.

Weather Influences Human Behavior

The favorable weather conditions like summer seasons have positive effects on the human beings behavior (Barnston 143). The harsh weather conditions like winter season will have several negative effects on the human behavior. In a country were weather varies significantly, human behavior can involve everything from sunbathing on the beach in summers to staying indoors in winters. Human beings have different attitudes toward different weather conditions. A good day can be described as a clear sky with minimal cloud cover and a fair amount of sunlight. Bad weather can described as a sky with heavy cloud cover, and minimal sunlight.

Negative Impacts on Human Behavior

There are negative and positive impacts of weather on human behavior. Weather does have impacts on human beings mood and behavior. Pleasing weather tend to improve mood. During spring and summer, most time is spent outside the house. However, very hot weather or cold weather is linked to lower mood as people spend most of their time indoors.

The cold weather may have several negative impacts on the human behavior. During winter, most people spend their time indoors. The cold weather makes people more depressed. During some seasons, human being suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder. This condition is caused by feelings of depression. The depression is caused by gaining of weight caused by the human behavior during the winter season. This mostly occurs in the winter months. This is when the temperatures are very low, mostly below 0 degrees Celsius. The days grow shorter during winter. During the winter season, people tend to stay indoors due to the excessive cold conditions. People tend to eating and sleeping more than usual. People do not participate a lot in the physical activities like running, swimming and walking. Less physical activities in collaboration with the excessive sleeping and eating result to weight gain.

The weather can also cause human being to be violent. This can be caused by the harsh weather conditions that make people stay indoors. For example, during winter, people spend time indoors. People may be taking too much alcohol. This results to aggressive behavior between the family members. Alcohol impairs the reasoning of an individual. People tend to be violent. The weather causes people to behave in a violent manner due to too much intake of alcohol (Anderson 1161).

The weather can cause people to be aggressive. When people spend too much time together, they tend to irritate each other. A person starts to see the other person’s mistakes. This results to some relationships being destroyed during certain weather conditions (Sanders and Brizzolara 155). This is caused by the bad weather that causes people to spend time indoors. This results to people spending too much time together. This then tends to trigger irritation and violence on the people living together.

The weather that has high humidity and high temperatures ensues in people’s lack of vitality and delight. Such weather is very uncomfortable for people to work in. When it is too hot, people tend to lack vigor. The people tend to doze off in offices and schools. Their concentration level is very low. Humidity makes people sweat a lot, and their energy level is quite low. People tend to be tired too quickly. Taking part in a physical activity by people becomes a problem.

Positive Impacts on Human Behavior

The mood of the human beings is improved by the good weather conditions. People have the energy to work on any activity. Good weather makes people have vigor. During the summer, when days are not too hot like above 20 degree Celsius, and below 28 degree Celsius, the weather improves people moods. People spend most of their times outside their homes. That people can take part in many recreational activities. Many people go for swimming and walks during summer.

People tend to behave in a more relaxed manner during the good season. People tend to wear colorful clothes light clothes. On a sunny day, people do not have to wear heavy coats and gloves. People tend to spend more time doing the things they love with the people they love. People are more optimistic and confident when they are relaxed. Therefore, on a good bright day people are likely to be more productive (Barnston 143).

Good weather makes a person happy and stress free (Barnston 143). This is because people take part in activities that help to reduce stress. Walking helps people to meet other people and exercise the body muscles that help the body to function properly. This will help reduce the stress. The person will, therefore, be enthusiastic and active.

The positive effects of the weather on the human behavior can also be seen in harsh weather. In spite of the negative effects of the cold weather, people tend to socialize (Barnston 134). During the cold season, people spend more time online. Therefore, people communicate with their friends online or using the mobile phones. People tend to socialize more using the Internet during the weather conditions like winter. This is because many people spend most of their time inside their homes.

Adaptive Strategies to the Weather Conditions

People should listen to radios and televisions to hear on the weather forecast. This will enable them to know what they should expect from the weather before they leave their homes. Many people are irritated by bad weather like rain, but there is nothing wrong with a rainy day. People only need to dress well. There are activities to take part in every time weather changes. Weather should not be the reason why the people stay indoors. Therefore, people should change their negative attitude towards some of the seasons.

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People can adapt to the different weather conditions by dressing appropriately during the different seasons. During the rainy season, people need a warm coat, a hat, mittens, boots, and an umbrella. This will be a good way to deal with a rainy season and avoid staying in the house all day long. During summers and hot seasons, people should wear light fabric clothes. This includes short sleeves and short pants or any light clothing. During very hot days, people can wear a hat to prevent the effect of too much heat from the sun. People can also apply sunscreen to the skin exposed to the sun to prevent sunburn. During winter, people will need a coat, a warm hat, mittens, and warm boots. People should dress with the clothing that keeps them warm.

People should change their negative attitude towards some seasons of the year. People can adapt to the weather and help them to maintain a good mood even in the harsh weather conditions. Winter and spring weather seasons can provide a lot of fun when people dress well (Nelson 108). People can take part in many winter sports such as skating and skiing. Some of relationship building activities like building snowmen will help the family members to spend some time outside together. During a very hot day, people can put on sunscreen and enjoy the hot day.

Issues for Future Study

The effect of weather on the human beings mood can be an area of study in the future. Human beings tend to behave differently in different weather conditions. The way they behave is mostly affected by the change of mood. The weather conditions like the cold and hot weather have positive or negative effects on the mood of every human being. This helps to increase the knowledge on the reason weather affect the way human beings behave during different weather conditions.


The weather affects the way human beings behave. In a physical environment that experiences the four seasons, people tend to behave differently throughout the year. The harsh weather conditions like very hot summers and winters tend to have a negative impact on the way human beings behave. Bad weather may cause people spend most of their time indoors. This will result to lack of vigor, depression, aggression and violence. On the other hand, good weather makes people feel relaxed, happy and energetic. However, human being has to come up with various weather conditions. They should dress appropriately in different weather seasons. They should also change their negative attitude towards some of the season and come up with activities to keep them busy during different weather conditions.

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