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Popular Research Essay Topics Examples for Students

A Critique of Quantitative and Qualitative Research on Tourism essay

Tourism is an activity of visiting different areas for leisure. It is an industry with enormous earnings and a significant economic pillar to many countries. Tourism industry is mainly a service industry where different services are sold to the tourists. There are different scholars who have studied the tourism industry to help find solutions to different

A Synthesis essay

The question of the role of an individual in the society has been a subject of discussion over centuries. This is perhaps due to the fact that the process and actions performed by an individual have a net effect on the society in which a person lives. While some authorities observe that an individual affects the society, others feel that the society

Contributions to World Culture that Originated in Africa essay

Africa is a continent with many different cultures that has played a major part in the development of the world culture.

Research of American Expansion essay

IntroductionThe 19th century is known for the remarkable economic growth and the expansion of territories in America. This century marked the accession of Louisiana and Texas, as well as annexation of land in the Mexican War. Moreover, it is characterized with "gold rush" and migration to the West of the continent, as well as the flourishing of slavery.

Barriers to the 'New Europe' essay

The establishment of the trade union among European countries was aimed at increasing economic growth among trading partners. With the formation of the trade union across Europe, consumers and producers had great expectations of increased sales and product diversification which would give the consumers a range of alternatives to choose from. Through

Booker T. Washington essay

On the 5th of April 1856, in Franklin Country, Booker Taliaferro was born at the farm of James Burroughs, a farmer in Virginia. His mother later got married to a fellow striver, Washington Ferguson. When Booker enrolled in school, he came to be referred to as Booker T. Washington. It was much later after the civil war that the family relocated to Malden,

Brain Tumors essay

Brain tumors are heterogeneous group of various intracranial tumors, benign or malignant, arising from the abnormal uncontrolled division of cells, which in the past were a normal part of the the brain matter (neurons, glial cells, astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, ependymal cells), lymphatic tissue, blood vessels of brain, cranial nerves, meninges, skull,

Impact of EFQM on Dubai Municipality and its Performance essay

Find out how to write a business research paper about the impact of EFQM on the Dubai Municipality and its performance with the free example on

Caltech Presentation essay

The presentation by Nathan S. Lewis, Chemistry professor at the California Institute of technology, "Powering the Planet" is an eye opener to the need of switching to other energy sources instead of increased consumption of electricity, which is a secondary energy. The total energy is the sum of all the energy resources which includes oil, gas, coal,

Cell Biology essay

A set of questions based on the restriction enzyme and PCR practicals:1) Restriction enzymesIn 1968, Dr. Werner Arber at the University of Basel, Switzerland and Dr. HamiltonSmith at the JohnsHopkinsUniversity, Baltimore, discovered a group of enzymes inbacteria, which when added to any DNA will result in the breakage [hydrolysis] of thesugar-phosphate

Childhood Obesity Policy Brief essay

Obesity is an emerging concern both in the United States and around the globe. What is more worrying is the fact that in recent times it has shown the propensity to affect children just like the adult population. According to Ogden, Carroll, Kit, and Flegal (2014), in a report on the prevalence of childhood and adulthood obesity in the United States,

Climate Change Effects on Human Health essay

Learn more about how climate effects on human health with free research paper examples from affordable writing service Exclusive

Coffee culture essay

The adaptability of humans is an issue of concern. Whether we are a natural creation or an artificial one, is not yet clear. The most interesting aspect of our adaptability is the idea of universal use of drugs. Use of drugs such as marijuana has grown into a worldwide culture. Moreover, users of such drugs have evolved their own unique subculture

Teenage Suicide essay

Complete research proposal sample with an introduction, problem statement, rationale for the research, statement of the research objectives, hypothesis, definition of terms, summary, literature review, methodology, participants.

Concept of Saturation Using a Qualitative Study essay

In a qualitative research, a number of factors will influence the sample size. However, the principle guide should be the saturation concept. This is a concept that is always explored by researchers and authors (Guest, Bruce, & Johnson, 2006). Results from researches have suggested an intended approach. This approach is not in full congruent with principles

CPR and Choking Emergencies essay

A 6-year-old child falls unconscious at home; the first thing to do is to quickly call 9-1-1, or get someone to do it. After checking the scene and the child and making sure he or she is lying on a flat and firm surface, proceed by putting the heel of one hand on the center of the child's chest, and the other hand on the first one, then perform 30

CSR Practices by Canon India essay

Find out more about how to write a paper proposal paper on the CSR practices by Canon India with a free example of research proposal paper from affordable papers writing company.

Functional Material Definition essay

Buy a custom-written essay on functional material definition or a similar subject - with examples - from We offer the most superior writing assistance in our industry.Any researchers working on a functional materials programme would probably suggest that the best way to define the term is to say it is either a natural or a synthetic

Denationalization of Toys R Us Company essay

Completely free company research paper sample about the denationalization of Toys R Us Company from affordable paper writing service.

Difference between Pneumonia and Pulmonary Embolism essay

Pneumonia is swelling or inflammation of the lungs in which the microscopic alveoli sacs are filled with fluids such as pus. These fluids make it difficult for oxygen to diffuse into the blood thus causing complications. Categories of individuals worst hit by Pneumonia are the elderly, babies, individuals with impaired immune system as well as the

Drag Racing essay

Drag racing is a type of competition which specially designed for motorcycles and automobiles, usually two of them at a time. The person who reaches the designated finish line first wins the competition. The race uses a level, straight and fairly short tracks of a quarter or half of a mile though the distances vary and the cyclists race in twos, side

Dubai Media Incorporated essay

There are numerous cultures existing all over the world, and they all differ in many aspects. The Arab countries have been always very different from the Western and European ones, since the values and principles people have there are much stricter than in other parts of the world. Some behaviour and certain types of entertainment as well as some websites,

Ecological Services essay

IntroductionThe survival of human and animal life cycles greatly depends on the existence of the natural ecosystems. An ecosystem consists of plants, animals and humans interacting together with their immediate physical environment in a given habitat. Natural ecosystems provide important services that support human life. Hence, human based activities

The Effect of Sport on Troubled Youth essay

Find out more about the effect of sport on troubled youth with a free research proposal paper sample from affordable papers writing company.

Electronic Medical Records essay

This proposal seeks to address the issue of information technology integration into the medical or health fields in the United States. Specifically, it addresses the policies and frameworks dealing with the adoption of electronic medical records. It begins by defining the major problems related to medical and health information systems that existed

Energy essay

The future of energy use will be governed by what sources of energy are available. Write 300-400 words comparing a current energy source with a source that is not yet fully "online". What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these sources?The society cannot imagine the future progress without using of alternative energy resources. Sources

Etymological Report essay

The word gay originally had the meaning of being carefree, happy or lighthearted for quite a long time, but this slowly changed conveying a series of different meanings, and in Modern English the word refers to homosexuality. The word itself dates back to the 12th Century although uncertain; it originates from the Old French word gaie that means joyful

Fast Food Nation essay

Why did eric schlosser write fast food nation? A look at the fast-food industry by Eric Schlosser in fast food nation essay example.

Franchises Abroad essay

International business research paper sample about how works franchising in India, China, and the United Kingdom from affordable paper writing service.

Heinrich Schliemann in Search of Troy essay

IntroductionThe history of European science is rich with extraordinary and phenomenal figures, but there are few individuals as controversial as Heinrich Schliemann (1822-1890).For some people, Schliemann is a quintessential archaeologist who devoted his life to work and his fortune to prove the truth of Homer's Troy. Others see him as a millionaire

International Relation Policies and Climate Change essay

Introduction In the 21st Century, climate change (global warming in particular) has perhaps been the greatest challenge facing world leaders and international communities. Scientists and environmental experts have sounded louder warning of rising dangers to humanity and the environment as whole following greenhouse gases emission resulting from burning

Intersex Children essay

All parents want to see the children healthy and happy. It is important for them to be sure that their kids develop normally and do not differ from other children. That is why they are totally unprepared to meet the news that their children are intersex.What do parents, who face with such problem, have to do? First of all, it is important not to blame

Jean Francois Champollion essay

Archaeology is the study of the past with the aid of antiques, which artists and researchers use to reconstruct places and locations in previous existences. Archaeologists are the people involved in the study of the past by excavating buried evidence (Stiebing 1994). Through archaeology, the world has come to discover a lot of events and places that

Luxury Leather Product in the UK essay

Find out more about how to write a paper proposal paper on the attitudes of young people in the UK towards luxury leather products with a free example of research proposal paper from affordable papers writing company.

Marketing Research Report essay

Introduction and background:One Stop Shopping mall is a location off Birmingham City University. From the name, it offers a massive amount of services and products to a huge customer base. The shopping structure has a correlative position that provides convenient and efficient opportunities to its customers. The idea revolves around selling bulky

Multimodality in Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close essay

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close is chiefly recounted by a nine-year-old individual namely Oskar Schell. This narrator is defined as a tambourine-player, butterfly collector and jewelry maker, and a geek who likes to make quotes from Shakespeare. In addition, he constantly comprehends inventions that are almost impossible. For instance, amazingly

My Three Basic Steps to Losing Weight essay

Nowadays people have become more aware of the impact of nutrition to their health but the move towards a good nutrition is faced with several challenges. To begin with, the wars between the food companies in winning customers is leaving the customers confused on what is nutritionally right or wrong. Almost all food companies are currently using high

Network Security Remote Access Policy essay

Network security is an emerging trend and concern in the global world. The era of information technology is inevitable. With the upsurge of information systems and technology, the great world is a now a global village. The gains from the advancement in technology have however, come up with some costs. The rate of cyber related crime is currently on

Nigerian Email Scam essay

Brief Description of the CaseThe Nigerian email scam is a fraud played against individuals from a global scope for the purpose of monetary gain. This scam mainly deals with money transfers whereby the victim is contacted via email or letter and given an offer to share a lump sum amount of money, which the scammers would like to save in the victim's

Norms of Culture essay

It is important to start with the definition of culture at first. The word "culture" comes from ancient Rome and covers some customs, ideas and behavior of people in society. Norms of culture presume the expectation of society in respect of how a particular person should behave in this society. Norms of culture include the following basic types of

Plant Pest that Infect the Aloe Vera Plant essay

Aloe Vera is a plant, which is well known as a medicine aloe. It is an evergreen, succulent, perennial plant. The plant has flashy and thick leaves with serrated margins on them. It grows from 60sm to 1m tall. The flowers of the plant are pendulous. They have a yellow tubular corolla to 3 sm.

Causes and Repercussions of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) essay

Free research paper sample about what are the causes and repercussions of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) on the military, family members, and the U.S. government?

Product Launch Plan: Kathy Fine Foods & Stores essay

Introduction/Background InformationThe increasing demand for fasting moving food stuffs especially in busy and commercial environment with the main capital states of the United States and Great Britain has prompted investors and marketing analysists to consider investing in this lucrative food industry. It is in this respect that after having conducted

Reducing Drug Trafficking in the United States essay

IntroductionAmerican youth and their mentors represent the social classes that demand an efficient instruction about the dangers of drug abuse. There is a sufficient amount of research, which proves that if a young person avoids using alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs at least until age 20, it is almost guaranteed that he or she will abstain from

Shanghai General Motors Company Ltd essay

Find out more about how to write a paper proposal paper on the impact of internal marketing on sales volume with a free example of a dissertation research proposal from affordable papers writing company.

Information Security Policy for E-Government in Saudi Arabia essay

Find out more about information security policy for e-government in Saudi Arabia with a free research proposal sample from affordable papers writing company.

Financial Risk Management in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) essay

Find out more about how to write a paper proposal paper on financial risk management in SMEs with a free example of research proposal paper from affordable papers writing company.

Incorporating Urban Highways into Communities essay

Find out more about how to write a paper proposal paper about incorporating urban highways into communities with a free example of research proposal paper from affordable papers writing company.

Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth essay

Find out more about how does a foreign direct investment affect economic growth with a free example of research proposal paper from affordable papers writing company.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World essay

IntroductionFrom the very onset, it is evident that the concept of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is aimed at engaging the audience into the movie. The motion pictures, which accordingly adhere to film form, are considered abundant in emotive, thought-provoking, and sensory elements. Considering the fact that form in all creative media consists of different

Rise in Sea Level in the Context of Climate Warming essay

Find out more about a rise in sea level in the context of climate warming with a free example of research proposal paper from affordable papers writing company.

Strategic Impact of Business Systems on Market Competition essay

Free research paper example about the strategic impact of business systems on marketing competition from affordable paper writing service Exclusive

Teenage Substance Abuse essay

A lot of young people, especially teenagers become addicted to abusing substances. They can vary from alcohol to inhalants, from popular street drugs to diverted prescription drugs. Their usage may cause a life-long addiction, when any of those drugs become increasingly dangerous.Some teenagers may have short experience of using drugs, because every

Terrorist Roles, Tactics, and Force Multipliers essay

Terrorists have advanced their tactics and approaches to terrorism. Although nations are working on methods of tightening their security in order to protect their resources and people against terror, domestic and international terrorism is still on the rise. This poses a great threat to the economic and industrial development and growth to the countries.

The 1920s in the US History essay

Immigration Act of 1924On May 26, the Congress passed the Immigration Act (or the Johnson-Reed Act). It lowered the level of the immigrant admission from 3% that was adopted in 1921. This federal law put a limitation on the annual number of immigrants, who were to be admitted to the country, at the level of 2% of the total population of people from

Three Modern Solar Technologies essay

Introduction In a world of increasing significance of numbers and progressing complexities that require creation of physical and virtual proximity, technology is seen as the only key to solution of the issue. Technology has made the modern times bearable and granted convenience in many occasions. Despite this relief, the twenty first century must

Toxic Food: When Food Components Become Metabolic Poisons essay

One man's meat is another man's poison' is a common quotation that is used in everyday life including in our feeding habits. The food that we eat contains various nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins) which have to be digested and broken down into the various sub nutrients by the process of metabolism. This involves chemical and biological

Transgender Youth and Self-Harm essay

Find out more about how to write a paper proposal paper on transgender youth and self-harm with a free example of research proposal paper from affordable papers writing company.

Weather and Human Behavior essay

Learn more about negative impact and positive effect of weather on human behavior with free research essay example from affordable papers writing service Exclusive

Women Studies essay

The study of gender is one of the most proliferated disciplines. This is perhaps because the subject has occupied the human society as long as men and women existed. In order to understand gender, there is a need to explore the social roles that are assigned to both men and women on the basis of their biological differences. In other words, gender

Writing to Share Experience essay

1. Discuss some issue of personal, local, national, or international concern and its importance to you.Preserving National HeritageI was eight years old when I made my first visit at the zoo. My father had proposed the visit to the zoo as a way of refreshing after taking several months from his family. This was one of the most fascinating encounters
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