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The Gift: LD/ADHD Reframed


I have watched a very interesting video. It is a presentation on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) by Jonathan Mooney. The speaker told the viewers about children with learning disabilities and children who have ADHD. Mooney not only discussed the difficulties that such children face in their life and education but also explained why these difficulties occur and how to overcome them. Moreover, Jonathan Mooney himself belongs to people with learning disabilities. He is a dyslexic writer; therefore, he can clearly and thoroughly expose this theme and share his experience with it. The fascinating thing about Jonathan Mooney is that despite his learning disability he has already achieved success in life.

This man is an educational activist and an inspiring speaker. He has been a speaker in more than 43 countries. In addition, he wrote his first book before graduating from college. We can also find his quotations in “The New York Times”, “USA Today”, “The Washington Post” and others. I admire such people as Mooney, because they inspire me, force me to think about significant things and change my perception of the world.

Jonathan Mooney and His Presentation on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Jonathan Mooney and his presentation opened my eyes to ADHD. Before watching it, I thought that the problem of learning disability of people was in the very individuals. I felt sorry for them and wanted to help them. However, as it turned out it was not necessary, because the problem is in the environment, in surrounding people, and their attitude to individuals with a learning disability. Therefore, people should solve this problem by changing their opinions. This presentation changed my point of view.

Now I recognize that people, who do not like reading, are not stupid. These individuals can be good at something else, so they should develop and gain experience in those spheres that they like and understand. Jonathan Mooney proved that if the person cannot read and write, it does not mean that he/she is not able to learn, because he/she can hear, see and speak. I liked the three main ideas about ADHD that Jonathan Mooney introduced in his presentation.

  1. The first one is the learning environment. It is about human behavior and attitude. Everything depends on us, how we build this learning environment.
  2. The second point is the agency. Jonathan highlights that it is significant to make a transition from being patient to be an agent. I completely agree with this statement, because only activity helps us to develop and improve ourselves, especially about ADHD.
  3. The last idea is about talent. It is important to be good at a few things, not at everything. I think these ideas are essential not only for people with ADHD but also for all people in the world.

Often, people who do not have any disorders are not able to understand something in life.

Frankly speaking, this video impressed me so much that I wanted to listen to this man repeatedly. I believe this presentation is a combination of the important content and the exciting show. Jonathan Mooney explained such a serious topic through his rhetoric skills, by using samples from his life and proper jokes to create a favorable and friendly atmosphere. Moreover, Jonathan was able to arouse the audience’s interest in this topic and force people to ponder over it.

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In my opinion, this presentation discusses a contemporary issue, so without a doubt, I can relate it to the themes in the course readings. This presentation connects not only too inclusive education but also to Education Science in general. This topic concerns the learning and teaching of people with ADHD by implementing different methods and ways that vary from traditional ones. Mooney focuses on the importance of creating a learning environment for children with disorders. It is appropriate to conduct some lectures in Psychology by using this presentation.

Here Jonathan Mooney touches upon the psychological aspect of LD children: their behavior, attitudes, and opinions, their reactions to certain things. There is also a psychological aspect of healthy people who surround individuals with some disabilities: their attitude and reactions to such people play a significant role. We can relate this presentation to Biology and Medicine because there is a general observation of some reactions of people with ADHD on some things and the reasons for their occurrence.

This presentation is also useful for parents because it concerns the upbringing of children with disorders. Often parents have a lot of problems and difficulties in the upbringing of their children. In case there are children with disabilities, parents have even more difficulties. Therefore, this presentation helps to understand the behavior of such children and to be aware of the ability of these children to learn and to develop their talents.

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Jonathan’s lived experience in K-12 education differs from my expectation and idea of someone with ADHD. Before watching this presentation, I thought that a person with ADHD would not be smart. I read that people with ADHD have problems with concentration, sitting quiet, paying attention to something, staying disciplined, following some directions, remembering the details, and controlling the stimulus (“What do you want to know about ADHD?”). I thought that such a person would have a limited ability to learn something as opposed to usual people. I felt that an individual with ADHD couldn't gain some achievements in science, literature, or any other sphere. I had a stereotype that a person with ADHD would almost constantly stay at home and would have little communication.

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However, this presentation proved that I was wrong. We have a good example of it: Jonathan Mooney. He is a dyslexic writer. Nevertheless, if I did not read it, I would not say such a thing about him. He is extremely intelligent. He studied in the English literature department, having no ability to read and write. He knows many interesting things about education and life. Besides, Jonathan Mooney can make a wonderful speech by using good vocabulary and an appropriate style. He feels at ease on the stage in front of a large audience. He also can write books. Not every healthy person can do such things. It is fantastic.

I think that Jonathan Mooney used a proper title for his presentation: “The Gift: ADHD”. I understand the gift here as an ability, an opportunity. Jonathan wants to emphasize that even people with ADHD have various abilities in life that they can enjoy. These people can be happy, socialize and live a fulfilled life. Jonathan wants to emphasize that people with ADHD are no worse than healthy individuals and that people with disabilities can use opportunities and develop. I can also say that the word “gift” has one more meaning. It is a present.

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In my opinion, Jonathan Mooney concentrates our attention on ADHD as a present of life. People, who cannot do something, reveal their other talents and skills that they would not be able to notice if they were usual and did not have any disorders. It is a present because these people can be so strong to overcome all obstacles and troubles and to obtain success. This gift points out that such people are unique and special. The word “reframed” in the title indicates that all people should look at this problem differently. Everybody should reconsider their perception of this problem and make the right conclusions.

To conclude, the presentation by Jonathan Mooney is highly interesting, instructive, and useful. I advise everybody to watch this presentation because it introduces important aspects of ADHD and helps to discover many new things.

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