Divided We Fall (2000) Directed by Jan Hrebejk



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Divided We Fall (2000) Directed by Jan Hrebejk


Many movies based on political or social themes are always special for human perception because they address aspects of life that are rather close to many people. Divided We Fall is one such movie; it evokes certain feelings and emotions and makes viewers think about very important and valuable things of the human being. Since the main topics of the movie are war, loyalty, friendship, forgiveness, and help, one can state that Divided We Fall is very deep in its sense and shows some vivid situations of human life.

War Is a Terrible Phenomenon

War is a terrible phenomenon that ruins millions of lives and takes away thousands of them. With all its storylines, the movie Divided We Fall perfectly shows how horrible the results of any war can be. It makes viewers think about the hard fate of people who had to experience a war. Besides, it emphasizes that people should stay human in any situation and, probably, especially when it comes to war.

Perhaps, to be ready to give a helping hand in a difficult situation is one of the greatest virtues of both parties. The themes of friendship and forgiveness are closely tied in this movie and show that hurts and pride can lead to fatal results. Hence, an individual should realize that sometimes people should forgive each other and remain friends not only for rescuing their lives but also for saving the relationship that they have built for many years.

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Great Role of Loyalty

Amid all the terrible events that occur due to the war depicted in the movie, loyalty plays a great role. Despite risking their lives, the main characters do their best to stay loyal to each other. Finally, and, perhaps, the most significant theme of Divided We Fall is help. Watching this movie, viewers realize that one can survive only by helping each other. Obviously, there are lots of people on earth who prefer to stay alone. However, one can see that each person needs a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, and real support.

In fact, it is difficult to imagine how the situation would develop in case the same events occurred today. One can only guess whether there would be a person who would be able and, of course, who would have enough desire to hide someone in his or her flat knowing that it could lead to his or her death. In any difficult situation, people should unite since it is the only way to achieve the desired result and overcome everything that they have to face throughout their lives. Today, society is rather divided and, probably, no one would be eager to hide a Jew in his or her flat being aware of possible outcomes. Nowadays everyone cares for himself or herself and is indifferent to other people’s problems.


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In conclusion, one can state that Divided We Fall is a very touching and serious movie. Though it does not have intricate storylines and unexpected turns of events, this deep movie teaches its viewers a lot. First and foremost, it encourages people to be humans – the practice that was forgotten a long time ago. In modern cinematography, there should be more such movies because their plots are based on various moral principles and can help people to understand who they are and how they want to lead their lives. The name of the movie Divided We Fall speaks for itself; people can achieve desired results only together with their close ones.

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