5 Takeaways that Lead to Marketing Magic



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5 Takeaways that Lead to Marketing Magic


The article under consideration is titled “5 Takeaways that Lead to Marketing Magic.” It was written by Steve Olenski and published by Forbes on March 25, 2015.

The primary aim of the article is to address the marketing hacks that would be of great use for any kind of business. The author notes that little takeaways always make a customer more satisfied with the products and services offered and usually contribute to the creation of a solid loyal customer base. Olenski also stresses that nowadays, more than 40% of the world population has access to the Internet. The author considers them to be potentially ready to get surprised by takeaways. The first tip Olenski provides refers to offering services or goods for free in return for customer loyalty and choice of one's company. Olenski recommends advertising such free-accessible items in such a place on the landing page where everybody who visits a company’s website would immediately become aware of the offer.

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The author states that every customer appreciates free estimates no matter what they are. Olenski claims this marketing technique to be rather effective as businesses might use it for various purposes. For example, a company might only want to reward its customers for being loyal or to promote a new product line and praise its clients at the same time. Additionally, giveaways provide a competitive advantage as not all of the business rivals turn to offer their clients products for free. In fact, not all of them have the opportunity to introduce such a practice.

Olenski suggests that the owners of furniture or other stores selling bulky items might provide their clients with the opportunity to ship purchased estimates for free. Customers highly appreciate such offers nowadays since they prefer to exploit fuel-efficient and small cars that are not suited for transporting sizable items. Free shipping might also significantly impact their final decision to purchase an item in such a store, especially when they compare the company services with those of other providers that do not offer free delivery.

Another magical marketing takeaway Steve Olenski discusses is live chat. This hack is of great use to those customers who prefer shopping via online resources and cannot directly communicate with the company staff. Live chat makes customers think that a company indeed cares about its clients as it ensures that there is always somebody who might help in case the need arises.

Further, Olenski suggests that updating a company’s blog approach is a crucial method of raising customer satisfaction. He supposes that entertaining and funny blogs make customers trust a company and purchase the items offered by it. It is recommended to hire creative writers who would fill in the content of a blog with entertaining, interesting, and informative articles. Olenski notices that the market is full of unemployed journalists who would be willing to work and make one's blog look like a fancy magazine and respectable newspaper. He claims that customers would definitely appreciate such a free service.

According to the author, providing clients with free digital products is also an important part of running a business. He states that nowadays, people spend at least half of the day interacting with electronic devices. Olenski suggests that a company that wants to succeed should provide its customers with some kind of free virtual takeaways, like applications, eBooks, or virtual points.


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Finally, Olenski suggests considering offering gift cards as another marketing tool that would satisfy clients even more than goods or services ordered. He claims that companies are expected to spend nearly $134 billion on gift cards in 2015. Thus, one can infer that customers indeed prefer them to traditional presents. Olenski states that gift cards are rather good substitutes for presents when a business has no idea what to give. He stresses that no matter what kind of a business a company runs, gift cards will definitely give it an uptick in appreciation and interest.

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One should not perceive the miraculous marketing tools the article covers as the core elements of a marketing strategy. Instead, they are supposed to enhance the positive effects of other techniques and make a customer return back to a company. Although some of these hacks require investments, they may help a company experience a significant return on investment in the form of a well-established reputation, high rates of customer satisfaction, and a solid base of loyal clients.

Furthermore, companies may use the marketing tips Olenski provided in the article under analysis for reaching other business goals. A company can use a blog, for example, to promote its products as well. Blog writers might compare the products of the same rank coming from various producers and stress the benefits of the ones offered by a company in question. In addition, blogging might raise customer awareness about the products sold by a company.

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The material that the author presented in the article is significant to the practice of marketing. Some of the tips Olenski mentioned could serve as alternatives to traditional customer-oriented services. For example, companies may learn that a live chat is an effective substitute for personal communication that can save time, resources, and energy. Additionally, a company may then publish the data collected as a result of chatting on the landing page of the company in the form of FAQs.

As a result, customers would be able to more effectively address the typical problems that might occur to the items they have purchased. In general, Olenski just provided an example of 5 techniques that businesses may easily apply in their operations. His article may stimulate companies to develop their own methods of running a business since the author showed that it is not that difficult to design techniques that might be successful.

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In conclusion, companies may apply the marketing hacks Steve Olenski suggested to the marketing strategies of any kind of business. Some of them serve as alternatives to traditional customer-oriented services. Additionally, a few author’s tips might also contribute to the promotion of new products while others might be used to increase customer awareness about the product line of a given company. The author used many relevant examples and a few figures; this makes the article look credible. The article may prove to be informative both to experienced businessmen and those who start their careers as a company leaders. All in all, even though the article is brief, it is rich in content, meaningful, and worth reading.

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