Documentary Review Example



Documentary Review Example

This documentary tells about the Armenian genocide during WWI. The River Ran Red tells a truthful story about an issue that not many people want to discuss. The genocide of the Armenians by the Turks brought death to hundreds of thousands of people. The movie starts with a vocabulary definition of the concept of this horrible phenomenon. Also, there is a short introduction to Armenian history before the coming of the Turks. Subsequently, there is a quick story about an Armenian man who survived the genocide. He got determined to find his countrymen that have the same terrible experience and are scattered all around the world. The documentary The River Ran Red is based on the evidence of the people who managed to survive during the genocide of 1915.

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The movie made a very solid impression on me. I knew that there was such a thing as the genocide of the Armenians, but I did not know any details at all. One of the most astonishing and horrible facts was the reminiscence of a woman who said that the people on the banks of the river Euphrates were asking to shoot them instead of getting their throats cut. The Turkish answered that the knives were sharpened well and that there would not be much suffering. This episode gives an idea of what people were feeling and thinking at that time, and it shows that lives cost nothing.

The River Ran Red explains that this genocide was executed to eliminate the Armenian minority in Turkey, and the difference in religions between these two nations became one of the main reasons for the genocide. The Turks used WWI as a cover-up for what they were doing. The slayers were giving the Armenians a choice of either converting to Islam or going on death marches into the Deir Zor desert. This fact was also a great shock to me because nowadays we live in a world where one can freely choose his or her beliefs. However, similar violent actions against the representatives of another religion still take place (we call them terroristic acts). In my opinion, it is wrong because nobody should be judged for what he or she thinks is right since everyone is an individual.

This documentary supports my belief that people should treat other nations as equal to theirs. No evil ideas should flourish in society, and it is wrong that the government of Turkey implements the idea of the liquidation of citizens of different origins living on the territory of their country. I believe that such historical events need to be studied and discussed so that nothing similar could happen in the future.

Documentary Review Assignment

This documentary by a U.S. freelance journalist tells about the Kurds – the largest ethnic population in the world without their own land. The movie compares the bloody clashes of the Kurdish in Turkey to the peaceful life of the immigrants, the Gunduz family, in the USA. The film Good Kurds, Bad Kurds start with the shooting of one of the many Kurdish demonstrations and the slogan “Turkey out of Kurdistan”. Also, the question of this ethnic group’s separatism is highlighted. A member of the Kurdish movement for independence says that he is fighting because Turkey wants to assimilate all the Kurds and wants them to forget their culture and history.

There is an episode about asking people in the streets what they know about the Kurds, and most of the citizens do not know anything. Neither did me before watching the Good Kurds, Bad Kurds. It looks like this ethnic group has been fighting for their rights and independence for centuries, although the world does not even know about their existence. It is a sad reality that so many millions of people with their unique culture and traditions do not have the land they can call theirs.

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The world’s history knows some other similar stories, such as one of the Jews. They also did not use to have their motherland for hundreds of years, although eventually, they got it. It shows that the nation may stay scattered all around the world but still not disappear. Basing on what I have seen and heard in the movie, I think that the Kurdish independence movement is not a terroristic activity but a justified struggle for their rights. An episode where the Turkish police quell the Kurdish demonstration only supports my opinion. Such social manifestations are just a presentation of the population’s needs and want and are not intended to threaten the state.

Good Kurds, Bad Kurds proved to me that my country, my motherland is one of the most important matters in my life. People without their own land might suffer and get harmed by their neighbors. This movie is also a good example of how a nation might be spread all around the world but still stay united. It means that we, the citizens of our country, should appreciate what we have.

Documentary Review Essay

The movie was shot during the peace between Palestinians and Israelis, which was in 1997-2000. Promises are based on the stories of 7 children. They are of different nationalities and religions, but they all suffer from the conflict that has been existing for a very long time. The movie depicts the difficult lives of the kids who suffer for the deeds they never did. Some of the children, as well as their families, live in the refugee camps, and they are the second generation there. The movie depicted a very sad situation where terrorism became a casual thing. It looks like religion is one of the major reasons for such a situation, so people’s beliefs need to be taken into account while normalizing the situation there. Checkpoints became ordinary for many people.

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One of the things that impressed me most of all was the episode at the beginning of the film. Two boys were at the bus station, and they were discussing what route they should take and what they should avoid the #18 one because there have been many terroristic acts on it. It shows what life is like there: people have to watch for suspicious citizens and stay aware all the time. I do not think that one can enjoy such a life.

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Also, the military and weapons have become an integral part of people’s lives in Palestine and Israel. For instance, they featured a volleyball game of one of the children, and there was a man with a rifle who was supporting one team. This episode proved to me that people are not surprised by the weapons, and it means that there is a chance that one day the firearms might be used with negative intentions.

I believe that children should not suffer from what the adults are doing. However, Promises prove the opposite. Children learn what they are taught. For example, one of the Palestinian boys says that he should kill as many Jews as he can. An intention to kill is horrible, and I do not think that a young boy could come up with such an idea on his own. Therefore, children learn from the world around them, and the circumstances in that area are far away from being peaceful and favorable for the children to grow up.

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The movie Promises showed to me how bad the situation in Palestine and Israel is and how strong the ethnic conflict there. I think that the world should know more about it and maybe take some action to regulate the clashes there. I realized how much I have in my life that most children all around the world do not have. Children in Palestine and Israel do not have many possessions but still are happy and live their lives to the fullest. Therefore, Promises proved to me that I should never get upset if I cannot afford something because I already have everything necessary.

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