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Popular Informative Essay Topics Examples for Students

Abdominal Pain essay

MG a 9-year-old African American girl is brought in by her mother with a complaint of abdominal pain and a 3lb weight loss. The mother states that she has soft brown stools (1-2/day), bloating, and flatulence. Her symptoms have become worse in the last week. She attributes the change in symptoms to her increased intake of milk 4-5 glasses/day over

Am I a Hard Worker? essay

A job vacancy ad will state, "we are looking for a hard working person to fill…". From the very childhood, parents teach their kids to be hardworking in order to succeed in life. "Hard work pays," so goes the adage. That is why it is important to know what hard work all about is. The question 'How diligent I am?" arises in different life situations

Balanced Scorecard essay

IntroductionAl-Futtaim Group Real Estate (AFGRE) is a company that deals with the real estate development, while being the operations arm of Al-Futtaim Group. AFGRE develops multimillion portfolios of individual and corporate real estate and investments across the Middle East and South Africa. AFGRE is the real estate arm of Al-Futtaim that was originally

Combining Nurse Leader with Advocacy essay

Combining nurse leader with advocacy and nursing career goals in free example of essay on being a nurse on Exclusive

Consumer Buying Behavior essay

Sensory marketing usually entails a situation whereby an organization via diverse sensory strategies and also through sense expressions creates a brand image. A combination of these strategies brings about brand awareness and the development of a brand image that connects to the identity of the customer, his or her personality and lifestyle. Sweet

Efficiency Models in Roads essay

Literature ReviewThe importance of determining road efficiency is an imperative area that has been examined by various researchers. Dollery & Wallis (2001) noted that an increasing number of studies have employed the nonparametric technique of data envelopment analysis (DEA) to investigate road sector efficiency. Odeck (2008) studied that DEA is a

Energy Independence essay

The United States has taken some drastic measures to stop depending on imported oil for energy. These measures are certainly commendable and will ensure sustainability of the energy sector in the country. The introduction of bio-fuels as an alternative source of energy has not only solved part of the environmental challenge, but also laid ground for

Final Exam essay

IntroductionThe British car manufacturing has experienced revitalization in the past four years after a decade-long slump. In the first half of 2016, the car manufacturing sector hit a record in vehicle production and sales. It is not surprising, therefore, that Britain has of late progressively established itself as the center for automotive industry

Gender and Employment essay

Gender and EmploymentThe question of gender equality on employment has been a controversial debate since the time immemorial. This is because people from different cultures, economic and political stand have different views regarding this matter. The research question addressed by this article is "What Is the Effect of Gender on Employment". Gender

Imagining the Future essay

The introduction of Internet has completely changed the way people interact and communicate. People can now share ideas by means of texts, pictures, and video; this ability to share ideas or information has been referred to as participation observation by sociologists (Appliedsoc.Org 13). Internet has changed the world of communication in that it allows

Integration of Young Muslims in Maltese Schools essay

BackgroundMalta is a country in Southern Europe and a member state of the European Union. It is a neighbor to Italy and Libya. The country was once a British colony. The principal religion of Malta is Roman Catholic where 91% of the population is Catholics. Muslims are a minority group in Malta. It is also crucial to note that not all Muslims in Malta

Liberation of Animals essay

Can we use animals as food? | What Bible says about eating animals? | Can we judge people for eating or not eating animals?

Logical Fallacy: Appeal to Authority essay

People make errors in their reasoning, especially when defending themselves or supporting their argument. Such errors are sometimes done willingly, or without conscious knowledge of the act. Errors in reasoning are referred to as fallacies. It is imperative to refrain from relaying fallacious points, since they can mislead parties involved and prevent

Mozart's Contribution to Opera essay

With free Mozart essay sample you will find out: how many operas did mozart write? Did Mozart write german operas? What did Mozart contribute to music?

Night Shift Effects on Medical Staff essay

Night shifts are consisted in the requirement for medical practitioners. Sleep after night work tends to be shorter as compared to the sleep after day's work. As a result, night workers suffer from poor sleep quality and do not feel refreshed after awakening (Holland 2009). Studies have shown that night shifts have negative effects on health of the

Non-Disclosure Agreement essay

By means of this agreement the Editor and the Client determine the Rules according to which confidential information will be processed and treated.For the purpose of the present Agreement, Proprietary Information is understood as data constituting primary importance for the business being carried out (certain files, scripts, manuscripts, rough copies

Outsourcing Human Resource Activities essay

IntroductionAlthough outsourcing is associated with many advantages that could promote business growth and development, human resource development has not maintained pace for the demand of competent professional that BPO requires (Al-Jaghoub, 2004). Business outsourcing has faced emerging challenges characterized by decreased skill requirements, which

Paper Chromatography essay

AbstractThe objective of this experiment is to separate mixtures into their different components to identify and analyze the components of the mixture. The results will depict purple spots corresponding to where the amino acids are located.IntroductionThe main hypothesis is to test whether amino acids can be successfully separated into two unknown

Prison Art in the USA essay

Art activities performed in jail or prison, as they are often referred to, have become common for prisoners | Prison staff and community in general should concentrate on correction and rehabilitation of offenders

Provincialism essay

Provincialism is defined by Collins Dictionary as narrowness of mind or outlook, lack of sophistication (Collins Dictionary). Raised in a specific environment and culture, people sometimes do not see the diversity of things surrounding them, the essence of these things. They acknowledge only one side of an idea or concept, forgetting that there can

Sexual Harassment in the Fire Service essay

Nowadays, the bound between male and female occupations is a little bit erased. Women successfully master various professions which were only up to men some years ago. However, in mixed-sex work collective, it is often extremely difficult for females to express their opinion, as our society tries to keep the distance between masculine and feminine.

Teacher Supervision Strategies essay

Teacher supervision is an organizational function concerned with promoting teacher growth, which, in turn, leads to the improvement in teacher's performance and ensures better student performance (Nolan & Hoover, 2011). Teacher supervision encompasses a variety of activities that can be carried out by multiple individuals, both in class and out of

The Second Trimester of Pregnancy essay

Pregnancy is the most wonderful period in the life of every woman because it provides mothers-to-be with unforgettable feelings and emotions. Pregnancy consists of the first, second and third trimester. The second trimester of pregnancy often brings feelings of relief and sense of a renewed well-being. After the dreadful nausea of the first one, it
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