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Popular History Essay Topics Examples for Students

American Intervention in Africa essay

IntroductionAmerica has a rather long foreign intervention history. However, when it comes to the military policy of the United States, it should be mentioned that for more than two hundred years it has been involved with Africa, starting with the Barbary Wars, which took place1801-1805 and 1815, forging ahead the World War II North Africa Campaign

American Liberalism in the Twentieth Century essay

In the twentieth century, the concept of liberalism changed a lot, deviating further from the original classical understanding of the nineteenth century liberalism. Today, it is very important to distinguish peculiarities of the 20th-century liberalism. The paper will track the splitting points judging the main governmental policies of the period and

Eisenstein's Visual Revision of History through Battleship Potemkin essay

In putting forth an analysis of any segment of Battleship Potemkin, specifically the scene transpiring on the Odessa steps, it must be acknowledged that the film and the technique of montage employed by Eisenstein throughout, in the context of cinema and its studies, has "been famous for so long that it is almost impossible to come to it with a fresh

Employer, Employee and Labor Union essay

History of the Union Movement in the United StatesThe history of the union movement in the USA goes back to the end of the eighteenth century. Most of the first labor unions were created on a temporary basis to achieve a particular purpose, a pay raise, for instance. However, it was the Industrial Revolution that really triggered the union movement.

European History Researh Paper essay

The Protestant Reformation. This was a schism started in the 16th century by western Christians particularly Martin Luther and John Calvin. In 1517, Martin Luther's Ninety-Five Theses were posted, which catalyzed the spirit of protesting against the ecclesiastical structure of Roman Catholic Church, its rituals, leadership, and doctrines (Hillerbrand

Filmmaking During World War I and World War II essay

When cinema first appeared in 1895, people immediately realized the medium's capability for persuasion. World War I indicated the first worldwide use of films in several spheres, including recording actual fighting, helping train soldiers, informing civilians at home of the need for sacrifice and patriotic responsibility, and, ultimately, shifting

Geography Term Paper Example essay

Learm more about origin of the conflict, role of the ethno-geographic aspect and escalation of the conflict in geography term Paper example on

History of Sumerians essay

Sumer was the first civilization in Mesopotamia which arose on the territory of modern Iraq in the land between Tigris and Euphrates. The word 'Mesopotamia' is derived from Greek language and actually means 'land between the rivers'. Sag-gi-ga – 'the back-headed ones' – this is how the Sumerians called themselves, and their country was

Intermediate Periods of Egypt essay

The history of Egypt is colorful and rich in well-known and unforgettable events. Each nation has its own division by the periods, which can be more successful or less successful. It depends on diversity factors such as geographical position: climate, availability or lack of water, surrounded by mountains; number of people living on the area, age and

Nelson Mandela essay

African people tend to suffer from unequal rights, neglectful attitude, poor conditions of life and racial discrimination | Nelson Mandela, a South African nationalist, debunked this misconception

The Fall of the Roman Republic (78-31BC) essay

The Roman Republic refers to the times of the ancient Roman civilization when the government was run in the form of a republic. The overthrow of the Roman monarchy and the replacement by consuls were initial stages leading to the collapse of the Roman Republic (Frost, 1901). Frost (1901) further observed that internal turmoil was at the heart of the

The Life of John Rolfe essay

Find out more about the englishman who first cultivated tobacco in Virginia, married to Pocahontas and how he helped to Jamestown in free history essay example on Exclusive

The Rise of BRIC Countries essay

AbstractThe growth of BRIC countries has raised concern in the world since it is a great threat to the Western companies. These companies have controlled the world's economy for very long period. Therefore, Western companies are likely to lose to the BRIC countries. Without properly formulated policies, the risk of the West losing the control of the

The Role of Christianity in the Fall of Roman Empire essay

One of the major causes for the Fall of Roman Empire was the installment of Christianity. New religion provided people with new life ideas, which stated that future for this place of death seemed hopeless. According to that, people were no more dedicated to their nation and believed in the afterlife, which could help to overcome the desperate. However,

The Role of the USA in Afghanistan essay

In the Middle East, there have been historical conflicts covering the neighboring Arab Nations. These countries have always engaged in bitter conflicts, which have attracted the intervention of other countries with the US taking the lead. The Middle East is one of the regions of the world that have faced serious political instability. The region plays

The War of 1812 essay

The War of 1812 took place between 1812 and 1815. It was between the United States and Great Britain/Canada. The US wanted to end the British blockade on trade with France, and also to conquer Canadian territory. The British, consequently, wanted to defend their Canadian land and continue the blockade, as well as the practice of boarding neutral

The Women of the Ottoman Imperial Harem During the 17th Century essay

It is an open secret that estimation of some cultural phenomena has been historically biased and affected by personal judgments. This is the case with the imperial women in the Ottoman Empire, who were believed to be self-indulgent and depraved according to traditional orientalists' evidence. Yet, post-modern epoch appears to be the time to reconsider
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