Problem of Parking Space in the Florida National University



Persuasive Essay Introduction

Florida National University is a world-class higher education establishment, but some challenges affect both the university community and the neighboring people. One of the main problems affecting the operations of the university and the neighborhood is parking space. The university has a large number of students, which requires large parking spaces throughout the day. The problem of parking space started when the university allowed the students to arrive at their campus in personal vehicles. Parking is an essential service to all people who have vehicles. Therefore, many problems occur because of inadequate parking. The university must come up with appropriate strategies that will ensure that there is adequate parking to serve all the people, who attend the institution (

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Persuasive Essay Body Paragraphs

One of the main problems caused by inadequate parking spaces in the university is heavy traffic, which nearly always remains during the day. The roads inside the university campus are not very large to accommodate many vehicles, which leads to a slow movement of cars in the area. Most of the vehicles that do not have reserved parking spaces are parked at the roadside. Lack of adequate parking has also led to traffic near estates on the neighboring roads. Owners of the vehicles that do not have access to parking must look for alternative parking spaces outside the university. The parking spaces in the neighborhood are also congested, which affects the movement of vehicles. During holidays, when the number of vehicles is low, the traffic near the university and its neighborhood are very conducive to movement within and outside the campus (

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Parking space also affects the timing of most activities in the university. Most of the people who have to carry out their activities in the university waste a lot of time trying to sort out parking of their cars. Most of the students and lecturers who have personal vehicles are late for a lecture when trying to park their vehicles at the required places. It is also very inconvenient because some people park their vehicles, being unable to leave the parking space due to congestion. Inadequate parking spaces near the university also lead to disruption of lectures and other activities due to parking in inappropriate places (

Another problem caused by the lack of adequate parking space is the increase in accidents within the university. Heavy traffic around the university provides an environment that is highly susceptible to accidents. There have been reports of a collision between vehicles competing for parking space. The demand for parking spaces is very high, and, as a result, most drivers try to occupy any available space for parking. When there were few vehicles near the university, cases of car accidents were uncommon. There have also been some cases of theft in some vehicles. Drivers who park their vehicles far from their center of operation face a risk of theft. It is very unsafe for the driver to leave some personal items in the vehicles because it is difficult to monitor every car due to congestion.

The demand for parking space extension around the university has influenced an increase in parking fees in the neighboring areas. Most people who come to the university in private vehicles must get alternative parking spaces. Lack of adequate parking has also led to an increase in fares within the university. Some of the people who have personal vehicles use public transport to get to university. The demand for public vehicles around the university is also extreme, which leads to an increase in transport charges (

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Persuasive Essay Conclusion

Parking is an essential service that the university should provide for students, lecturers, and other personnel. There are serious challenges that emerge due to the lack of adequate parking around the university. The university management must come up with appropriate policies and solutions to counter the problem of parking space. Adequate parking will enhance the movement near the university and the neighboring areas.

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