How to Solve Issue of Violence Against Women in Families



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The Problem of Domestic Violence Against Women

Domestic violence refers to a behavior that involves any form of abuse or violence by one partner in a domestic relationship against the other, either in cohabitation or in marriage. Intimate partner violence implies violence between partners in an intimate relationship. Domestic violence can be verbal, emotional, sexual, or economic. It could range from subtle to more coercive forms and can cause death in some cases. In fact, domestic violence poses a serious problem for modern society. Over recent years, domestic violence has been on the increase and is becoming a global concern (Fabian 103).

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Although domestic violence affects the members of a particular family, it is also expensive for the community and the nation as a whole. The common trait of domestic violence around the world is that the majority of the victims are always women. Essentially, there is a great number of reasons why domestic violence exists in society today. Some of the reasons include poor education standards, drug effects, unemployment, and poverty. However, there are solutions to domestic violence. This proposal seeks to explain why empowering women economically will drastically reduce incidences of domestic violence around the world.

Causes of Domestic Violence

Fabian (100) says that nobody should be a victim of any form of domestic violence. However, domestic violence occurs every day in society. A person could be a victim of domestic violence, or he/she can find a victim among his/her acquaintances or colleagues. According to the aforementioned, domestic violence could be caused by a low level of education. Poor education standards mean that people do not have access to information. Poor education makes a woman unaware of her rights and freedoms. For the unlearned, domestic violence is still viewed as a family affair that does not have anything to do with rights and laws. As such, the affected parties do not get the opportunity to report their problems to the authorities. Thus, without education, women have been made to believe that domestic violence is part of the family's way of life (Johnson 61).

The intergenerational cycle of violence has also played a crucial role in the development of domestic violence. Most victims and abusers grew up experiencing domestic violence. This is means that they were part of a domestic violence cycle chain. Therefore, for them, vice is the norm. Based on recent studies, women who have experienced domestic violence since childhood are most likely to accept it in their marriages. The same also applies to men (Wien 56).

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Domestic violence could also be a result of biological and psychological causes such as brain dysfunction or genetics, for example, poor anger management and low self-esteem. Research has shown that there is a relationship between domestic violence in adulthood and delinquency during childhood. Psychological causes of domestic violence include bipolar disorder, alcoholism, and drug abuse (Fabian 106).

Domestic violence is at times behavioral. Behavior analysts have studied some victims of domestic violence and their behaviors. They have linked domestic violence to poor self-control. Such an individual usually bursts out with anger and thus should undergo behavior therapy. They are usually remorseful after their anger level drops.

Statistics on Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is one of the most serious problems that society should address immediately. The reason for this is the fact that it affects everyone in society either directly or indirectly. The number of reported incidences of domestic violence is increasing. For example, every minute, in the United States, the police get a report on an incident of domestic violence. Records show that as of 2014, 2 women were killed every week in America by an ex or current lover (Fabian 103). These statistics are just the reported ones.

However, there are numerous cases of others that remain unreported. A survey conducted in Australia showed that 65% of women who had experienced domestic violence did not report it to the police and 82% of women who were sexually assaulted did not report, as well The percentage of women who experience and report cases of domestic violence to the police has dropped drastically (Wien 39).

For example, in Australia, about 1 million women reported having experienced one form of domestic violence or the other in 2014. About 40% had suffered from sexual abuse in their relationships. The majority of the domestic violence incidences were committed at home. The level of domestic violence has become a major issue of concern in America as there are about 24 people in the country who experience stalking, rape of physical violence every minute. 25% of women reported having experienced domestic violence with their lovers between 2010 and 2014. This means that the problem of domestic violence should be critically evaluated and solutions should be sought (Stark 46).

The Effects of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence causes injuries to both women and men. Obviously, physical abuse through biting, kicks, boxing, and use of things, such as houseware, results in injuries. For instance, in 2014, 46% of the reported cases of domestic violence showed that the victims sustained serious injuries, 20% suffered from moderate injuries while 6% got fatal injuries. The remaining 31% suffered from emotional or mental problems. Physical abuse in domestic violence can cause head injuries, internal bleeding, lacerations, broken bones, and bruises. These kinds of trauma might require urgent medical attention or hospitalization. Some victims of domestic violence have suffered from chronic conditions such as chronic pain, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, migraines, pelvic pain, and arthritis. Pregnant domestic violence victims may experience pre-term labor, miscarriage, or death of the fetus (Stark 34)

Along with physical traumas, domestic violence makes the victims suffer from psychological effects. For victims still living with those who abused them, they are always stressed, anxious, and fearful. Depression is also common because the victims often fear that they might provoke the partner, which will result in abuse. Victims are also subject to criticism. Victims of domestic violence can commit suicide either in the relationship or after he or she quits. Battering women emotionally or physically makes them feel worthless. These effects are usually long-term. The victims must undergo therapy to reduce their risk of traumatic symptoms or suicide (Johnson 66).

Domestic violence also causes long-term panic and anxiety in victims. In most cases, the victims undergo treatment for panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. However, the most common psychological effect of domestic violence is PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). PTSD makes the victims experience intrusive images, nightmares, flashbacks, and exaggerated responses due to the abuses experienced before. Even after leaving the dangerous situation, the victim might experience these effects over a long span (Wien 59).

In addition, domestic violence has financial effects. After the termination of the relationship, the victim might experience financial difficulties. Domestic violence can result in economic isolation and abuse. As a result, the victim will have little money to cater to her needs and even those of her children. Over time, this has proved to be the greatest obstacle that victims of domestic violence face. The lack of a certain financial future usually discourages the victim from leaving (Fabian 105).

Johnson (73) says that apart from the insufficiency of financial resources, most victims of domestic violence usually lack education, training, and specialized skills that are required for gainful employment. Along with children to take care of, this makes it hard for the victim to quit the relationship. For example, in 2010, 36 major cities in the United States cited domestic violence as the main cause of homelessness. A study of the USA in 2012 revealed that out of every 3 homeless women, 1 quit a domestic violence relationship and is thus homeless. Recently, more community resources and shelters available to victims of domestic violence are being constructed.

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According to Fabian (104), domestic violence ruins the family structure. A child that grows to experience domestic violence will think that fighting is just a normal way of life. Such a child poses a high risk of becoming violent when he or she grows up, as well. Children experiencing domestic violence daily often experience suicidal thoughts, poor health, difficulties in sleeping, anxiety, fear, and risk of isolation. All these factors might contribute to poor education, which might eventually result in a future destructive path for a person. Female victims of domestic violence are usually denied access to their desired occupations.

The abusers may limit occupations, which could result in thoughts of being worthless. This may make the victims feel as if they are not ready to perform everyday tasks. The survivors may experience a reduction in the skills that are required to fulfill normal activities. Consequently, they may not be able to live independently. Areas affected include leisure participation, education, and home maintenance. This greatly disadvantages the victim as she cannot find work due to poor networking or poor working ability (Wien 64).

The Solution to the Domestic Violence Problem – Economic Empowerment

Based on the effects of domestic violence discussed above, it is clear that the issue needs to be addressed urgently. Women are usually the most affected in domestic violence comprising about 88% of the victims. Therefore, women should be empowered economically to help them stay away from domestic violence. Women have great potential because they can change their economic status in society. They can change the economic status of their countries and their communities, as well (Stark 39).

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More often, the contributions of women economically are not recognized. Their promises go unnourished and work goes undervalued. As per the discussion above, it was evident that financial incapability is what kept women in their abusive relationships. Women did not terminate their abusive relationships because they feared that they might not be able to cater to their financial needs and those of their children or other relatives. Therefore, to reduce cases of domestic violence against women, women should be empowered economically (Wien 50).

According to Stark (32), empowering women economically will go a long way in reducing the incidences of domestic violence. Equipping women with access to economic resources, and the ability to make their own decisions and those of their families will indirectly and directly reduce male violence towards them. The reason for this is the fact that empowering women financially means that they will have money. Having money means that their economic position within their households and communities will be increased. Increased economic position means an increased bargaining power, as well. Having money will reduce their fear of quitting the relationship because they will be still able to live comfortably even if they terminated the relationship. As a result, they will have more available options.

For example, in Illinois, a 2008 study showed that 37% of households that were headed by single moms were living in poverty. This was in comparison to 16% of single dads and 5% of families with both parents. Of all the families that live in poverty, 53% are headed by women who left relationships that involved domestic violence (Fabian 100).

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Benefits of Economic Empowerment

Being financially independent is the best way of deterring violence against women. The financial empowerment of women has been successful in reducing cases of domestic violence. For example, women’s ownership of businesses and property was found to deter domestic violence in India. Financially independent women did not tolerate violence. Therefore, abusive male partners reduced both psychological and physical violence against women whose finances were in order.

Thus, empowering women financially will play a major role in reducing domestic violence against women. It will ensure that there is a shift in cultural attitudes. Being empowered economically will accord women the respect that they deserve in society. Being able to rely on their income and not their spouse’s will change the norms and practices that usually disempower and limit women’s political participation and leadership. Economic empowerment will ensure that women get a good education and professional opportunities. Due to getting educated and empowered, women will be able to insist on the creation of laws that comprehensively address the issue of domestic violence adequately. Women will be able to break the traditional stereotypes and get into management. For women to be empowered financially, their access to professional and educational opportunities must be improved (Johnson 73).

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According to Stark (64), through economic empowerment, society will be able to value women’s work. Women’s participation in the labor market should be increased. Being economically empowered means that women will be able to stand for their rights and demand better working conditions and remunerations. In turn, this will reduce the overreliance on women’s unpaid efforts at home, for example, in agriculture. Therefore, empowering women economically requires the expansion of the labor market and education sector, and the redefining of a financial system that appreciates the efforts of women in society (Fabian 102).

Exemplification Essay Conclusion

Decades of mobilization of women’s rights movements among civil society have increased awareness of the rights of women. Countries have formulated laws against domestic violence through the implementation of these laws remains to be a challenge. There is no one solution for eradicating domestic violence against women. The different strategies to curb domestic violence comprise of different approaches across the different sectors. Improved health awareness, modified cultural beliefs, and regulatory changes are all crucial. To improve the financial ability of women, they should be imparted with skills and training on microfinance and other strategies that will ensure that women benefit in the long term. Empowering women today means a better future for generations to come. Women should be supported by all fronts to overcome domestic violence, both by governments and organizations.

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