Avatar Film Critique



Avatar Film Critique

Avatar by James Cameron blurs the lines between reality and fiction. The creators of the film, especially James Cameron, who was not only the director but also the writer of the script, have done a great job. He created fantasy mythology and even invented a special language for the Navi people. The thought-out depiction of life on the wonderful habitable planet became a complete mythological picture. The plot, ideas, and special effects of the film Avatar grab viewers’ attention and make it worth watching.

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The plot of the film may leave an ambivalent impression. Certainly, it is quite predictable. The viewer can guess what will happen next. However, this drawback fades into insignificance as skillfully executed scenes transfer the audience to the mysterious world of Pandora, to the dense forests and flying mountains.

The former Marine Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), who has been confined to a wheelchair after the accident during the war, travels in space to the planet Pandora to replace his twin brother, who was killed in a random encounter with the punks. The brother becomes a participant of the project Avatar and trains to operate the body of one of the Navi hybrids called “avatar”. Navi is a company that extracts minerals from Pandora. It is very concerned about the clashes with the local three-meter blue Indians.

Therefore, it tries to investigate their lives using state-of-the-art technology. While a man is asleep, his blue avatar rushes through the jungle. While the avatar sleeps, their matched human slurp soup in the barracks. However, as the plot develops, the scientists of this avatar program start facing some problems. No one imagined that the former paratrooper would fall in love with the jungle and decide that blue Indians are closer to him than people from Earth. When the company sends aircraft to bomb villages and groves, the blue avatar of Jake Sully decides to lead saddled Navi flying dragons into battle.

In Avatar, Cameron tells perhaps the oldest fairy tale about the lost paradise. The film, paradise is the jungle of Pandora which originates from cartoons by Miyazaki. Paradise is a simple and clear answer to questions about where the avatar wanders while a man sleeps, and which side the latter should take when human beings drop bombs on Pandora. Generally speaking, the plot of the film deserves the attention of the audience.

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The ideological component of the film does not solely lie in entertaining the audience. The main ideas are not so simple. Instead of living in spirituality and harmony with nature, humanity moves in the wrong way. Greed, pragmatism, and cynicism are the inherent features of the modern technocratic civilization and the way of thinking of modern Western scientists, politicians, and businessmen. Meanwhile, every nation has its faith, roots, traditions, and culture, and nobody has a right to impose alien values on them. Generally, environmentalists, proponents of esotericism, and everyone who is opposed to the one-sided technocratic development of modern civilization will support the main ideas of the picture.

Avatar is not the first film in which people suffer from cruel conquerors, to whom the life and feelings of other creatures mean nothing. It is another idea that the director put in Avatar. People have ceased to live in harmony with the planet, mindlessly and recklessly destroying its resources and the chances of the carefree existence of their descendants In general, people have ceased to value the lives of other creatures. Avatar is the embodiment of reconciliation between a human being and nature; it emphasizes the drawbacks of contemporary consumer society. Avatar is a deeply symbolic film, through which the director reveals his ideas.

The film describes the interaction of characters rather than physical objects. Its key symbolic moment is an episode that depicts the first night of Jake Sully in the forest. Fire is an ancient symbol of the mind that actively changes. In this context, the mind is a melting pot, the alchemical crucible, in which the natural transforms into something man-made and artificial. On the other hand, fire is also the embodiment of the creative transformative abilities of a person as a whole, a symbol of energy that is aimed at the conquest of nature, and a symbol of property, which distinguishes man from animals.

The director shows earthmen’s technology as deliberately crude, materialistic, and mechanistic to bring it closer to the conversion process whereby nature loses its pristine spirit and acquires artificial traits. Earthlings appear as villains that destroy everything through mechanization and modernization. The scene when the giant bulldozers with huge buckets dig furiously sloppy careers is a clear illustration of this process. However, the most shocking is the giant humanoid robots that are used in battle. Cameron contrasts these robots with nature, making them defective, grotesque, and ugly.

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Avatar is one of the few blockbusters that invoke real human emotions. The film is not just a story with pictures, but rather a startling revelation. It touches the soul through the depiction of these three-meter blue men, empathizing with the place of a human being and nature in this world. At the same time, the audience develops a feeling of hatred toward earthlings while watching the second half of the film. Nevertheless, Cameron still manages to touch viewers’ feelings and achieves the desired effect. It is advisable to watch the film to understand its messages and ideas as they have a crucial significance for every human.

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Special Effects

There are great special effects in the film. Avatar by James Cameron revolutionized cinema. Nobody has used computer graphics on such a scale before. This advanced approach helped create a beautiful world, with its extraordinary creatures, Navi, and wonderful plants as well as animals. The film is a striking example of fantasy. It shows something that was previously possible only in the human imagination.

Avatar is a symbiosis of gaming and computer cinema. A group of experts created a fundamentally new performance capture technology specialist for the filming. Another feature of the film is its three-dimensionality with its technology and special stereoscopic high-resolution cameras. Pandora's world appears almost real - bright, vibrant, and very beautiful. Landscapes, as well as flora and fauna, amaze the audience with their flamboyant colors. The pursuits in the virgin forest, flying dragons, and local battle scenes are truly breathtaking, especially in 3D, when one wants to dodge the arrows flying toward the viewer.

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Music and great sound contribute to the overall audio-visual effect. Sound, special effects, the unusual nature of every living being, and the fantastical setting hold the audience spellbound until the end. Nearly three hours fly at an unexpectedly great speed. Thus, it comes as no surprise that many watched the film several times and in different formats as they were willing to immerse themselves in the mysterious world of Pandora once again.


The film Avatar is unique because the director skillfully created a separate world with its culture, history, and mythology. The plot of the film is interesting. There is a wide range of symbols that make the message of the film clearer. There are significant ideas in the film. Moreover, the special effects of the film are worth seeing. Avatars can invoke a variety of dynamic emotions. Some may admire it, while others dislike it, but everyone has to watch it. The fight for the planet, salvation in the name of betrayal, the bright colors of nature, and the history of a magical world contribute to the overall allure of Avatar.

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