Pollution Is Closer Than You Think



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Analysis of "Pollution Is Closer Than You Think"

“Pollution Is Closer Than You Think” is a Friends of the Earth advertisement. In the advert, the back of a car is shown on the lid which has a straw in the place of the exhaust pipe. When consumers drink from this particular cup outside, it is like they are inhaling poisonous emissions from the vehicle. This is illustrated below.

The eyes are first drawn on the lid of the container which at first looks like the backside of a car. On a closer look, the straw in the lid resembles an exhaust pipe of a car. The idea here is to show us that pollution is almost everywhere people may initially think.



Light used here is from natural sources, especially light from the sun with directional lighting with soft shadows. The direction of light is important as well and it seems to have come from above but at an angle.


The lid in the photo has a very smooth texture and can be noticed right away. The texture of the car on top of the lid is also smooth as is the hand holding it.


Here is a sharp focus of the lid and especially the embedded car in that lid. The main focus of the photographer is the lid and the car on it as well as the straw shown as the exhaust pipe.


The photograph is taken from an obtuse angle from above. The angle of this photograph is in such a way that the sharp focus is on the lid of the container and its exhaust pipe. The artist’s angle here is basically a manifestation that there is a correlation of pollution with whatever is near us than we may think, especially with the hand holding the container that has the car with its exhaust pipe.


The photographer’s focus was focusing on the lid and its car and the hand holding it hence forming the center of interest. The photographer may have chosen to include the hand in showing us that we are aiding ourselves to pollution than we may know about. The straw is used to show the exhaust of a car emitting poisonous substances.


This is a colored photograph and it helps to give the photo a sense of place and mood. The color was intentionally used to give the viewer a sense of space, a real-looking photograph rather than the use of a black-and-white one. The car hire and the exhaust look more real than opposed to when the photographer could have used a black-and-white photo.



“The Pollution Is Closer Than You Think” advert is a Friends of the Earth campaign that is designed to make people think about the water they are drinking and the air that they breathe, and specifically how close they are to pollution in their daily activities.

By the use of a drinking straw and likening it to an exhaust pipe, the message is simply that whatever one may be drinking from that straw is as well as what comes from the exhaust pipe of a car. There are 15 basic appeals of advertising and the photograph makes use of quite a number of them. These include the need for guidance, the need to achieve, the need to attend, and the need to feel safe.

The tone of the advert is frightening, it makes one think that they are inhaling or simply drinking poisonous substances from the exhaust pipe and not the food they are intending to. The emotional appeal in the photo is however not over the top but just a fair one.


The image here is that of a black car printed on the lid with a straw in place of an exhaust pipe. There are two strong points of the campaign that the photo is spreading: the collective responsibility to pollution and the direct relationship between the real and the imagery ambient. The lid here is in fact distributed by the roadside food stalls. When consumers drink from these cups, it is like they are inhaling toxic emissions directly from the car, hence “Pollution is closer than you think”.


Pollution is everywhere - that is the simple message by the advert. People do inhale poisonous gas emissions from motor vehicles and this is no different from the adverts’ depiction. Of course, this is not true that people sip poisonous gas emissions from cars, but it is a true representation of how our planet is polluted and how we get to inhale direct emissions from the environment. I think the advert is ethically fair because it is a true representation of our society riddled with harmful emissions all over.


This is a successful advert and the sponsor will rightly be pleased with it. However, the only problem is in using the advert in food stalls and this may not be taken with ease, especially by stall owners who are meant to distribute the cups. But again it is a true reminder to all of us that indeed “Pollution is closer than you think” and is intended for all people who care about the Earth. Personally, I will buy such a product as well as support this kind of charity. I love the Earth and I get saddened that global warming issues are affecting all of us and especially the poor. I understand that if not taken seriously by our leaders, shortly we will be having a myriad of problems as a result of pollution. Pollution starts with me and you and we are the ones to do our little to reduce poisonous emissions. I really care about our future and the future of our children.

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