Advantages of Living in a Small City

‘So many men, so many minds’. This proverb explains why people have different preferences concerning the places where to live. Some choose as the best variant big cities, while others adore living in small ones. Without doubts, both types have their own advantages. However, as for me, living in small countryside or city is more convenient.

Firstly, I base my preference on the fact that living in small cities is calmer and more relaxing than living in huge metropolises. For example, everyone can without any worries go for a walk every day and enjoy a picturesque view. Moreover, living in towns provides everyone with the opportunity to let hair down and be lost in thoughts. However, it is almost impossible in boom towns, where hustle and bustle is a common thing. Furthermore, the slow moving traffic allows everyone to feel confident on the road and not to be afraid of car accident.

Secondly, suburban life offers everyone a friendly atmosphere because almost all citizens know each other. For example, if one wants to go to a party, he will not have any trouble finding appropriate people to keep a company because local residents are on familiar terms with each other. In addition, it is very easy to find a stable support in a small city community because almost all citizens are ready to help each other. It makes one feel like a part of a big family where everyone is responsible for their acquaintances and all work for a common goal. However, this condition at the same time causes some problems because one always has to act right, speak right and live right.

To sum up, everyone chooses where to live according to their own preferences. On my opinion, living in a small town is very cozy. It can provide everyone with a peaceful atmosphere and relax.

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