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Analysis of Victoria Secret Core Brand

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Brand extension has been proposed in literature (Grewal & Levy, 2011, p.219-221) to be fundamental towards exploiting competitive advantage of the core brand product. According to Grewal and Levy (2011), brand extension involves the use of similar brand name in different product line. The analysis used in this paper is to analyze and evaluate the core brand Victoria Secret and a product extension ‘a proposal of a dye hair product’. This is to appraise the values of brand extension.

The Victoria Secret

The Vitoria Secret is a brand that invests in the apparel sector and invests in product likes Bras, panties, sleepwear, hosiery, women's clothing, lingerie, swimwear, footwear, fragrances and beauty products (Gross, 1987). The Victoria Secret is the largest United States retailer, with high brand identity (Earnest, 2005). As a generic brand, Victoria Secret has had leading sales turnover of USD 6.12 billion in 2012 and has operating income of USD 1.00 Billion. Victoria Secret markets her products through her different stores and online shop

The ‘proposal of a dye hair product’ or ‘the Hair Product’

The ‘proposal of a dye hair product’ is a brand that is targeted at the same market for the different Vitoria Secret brand. The ‘Hair Product’ would have a ready market by exploiting brand value of Vitoria Secret.

The success factors for the “Hair Product”

The proposal of the ‘dye hair product’, through brand extension could gain fast market penetration due to exploitation of Victoria Secret brand equity (La Ferla, 2007).Victoria Secret brand points of parity, and the difference to gain market share .Use of ‘The Hair Product’ brand extension could make the ‘Dye Hair product’ use brand identity of Victoria Secret since it is well established in the target market. Victoria Secret has a strong brand acceptance and customers would have higher perception, high attitudes and exploitation of complementariness between Victoria Secret brands and the Dye Hair Product (Grewal & Levy, 2011).

The success of ‘proposed dye hair product’ would be realized due to fitness between Victoria Secret as a core brand with large brand identity and the complementariness of the ‘dye hair product’ (La Ferla, 2007). The distance between Victoria Secret brand and the proposed ‘Dye Hair product’ should be small meaning the proposed ‘dye Hair product’ could use competencies of Victoria Secret in order to gain from higher sales (Earnest, 2005). High distance between Victoria Secret as core brand and the proposed ‘dye hair product’ could mean the proposed ‘Dye Hair Product’ could utilize a few core competencies of Victoria Secret.

Potential of brand dilution

The proposed ‘dye hair product’ could result into dilution of Victoria Secret brand if the distance is short. It will also have little effect on brand value of Victoria secret if the distance between the two brands is long. Brand dilution could arise from high fit between Victoria Secret brand and the ‘dye hair product’ and low customer experience and low customer attitudes with the ‘dye hair product’ (La Ferla, 2007). Brand dilution of the brand extension could result into a decrease in brand equity of Victoria Secret brands like perfumes and make due to their complementariness with ‘proposed hair product. The brand extension of other brands like perfumes and make ups could suffer from low short term sales. This will have an effect on annual sales turnover of Victoria sales and further constrict its working capital from the current USD 1.00 Billion due to exposure to risks of low movement of inventory.


The brand extension of the proposed ‘Hair product’ could gain from the core competencies of the core brand Victoria Secret because Victoria Secret is a well established brand, has higher brand value and brand equity and higher brand awareness. However, for the proposed ‘hair product’ to gain from Victoria Secret brand, the proposed ‘Dye hair product’ should have higher brand attributes. The attributes could result into higher brand perception, higher brand acceptance and positive brand attitudes that model consumer purchase decision. The distance between Victoria Secret and the proposed ‘dye hair product’ should be enough to reduce risks of diluting Victoria Secret brand. This will in return   provide an opportunity for the proposed ‘hair product’ to leverage brand equity.

Buy custom Analysis of Victoria Secret Core Brand essay

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