History of Labor Day

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Labor Day Essay

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Meaning of Labor Day

This national holiday is commemorated on the 1-st Monday in September. The US working class glorifies every American's efforts and contributions to strengthening the state's well-being.



Legislative Basis of the Labor Day Celebration

The importance of Labor Day has been increasing year by year starting from 1885 to 1886 when it was first recognized by the government. The first state bill that became a legislative enactment was passed in 1887 in Oregon with other states following the suit. Since its proclamation by Congress in 1894, Labor Day has become the national holiday of the USA.

According to the act passed by Congress in the year 1894, the 1-st Monday in September is one of the national USA holidays.

Foundation of Labor Day

There is no definite answer to this question regarding the founder of the holiday. Labor Day implies honoring the workers, but it is not clear whether Peter J. McGuire, a co-founder of the American Federation of Labor, or Matthew Maguire, a machinist, was the first to propose it. Nevertheless, the Central Labor Union agreed to adopt the proposal and arrange a committee meeting to plan the Labor Day demonstration.

First Labor Day Celebration

The Central Labor Union decided on September 5, 1882, as the date of the first Labor Day celebration, and September 5, 1883, for the second occasion in New York City. Two years later, they selected the first Monday in September as the day date for the annual holiday in New York and out of the state. Next year, numerous industrial cities in the US were involved in celebrations. 

How Labor Day Celebrating Changed

The first proposal of the celebration implied holding a street parade to honor the workers and a recreation festival for their families. Later on, the holiday was amended with speeches delivered by outstanding people about essential civic and economic issues. The Labor Day weekend was introduced in 1909 by the convention of the American Federation of Labor to focus on educational concepts of the labor movement and celebration.

Changes of Labor Day Celebration

Currently, huge displays and parades are no longer popular, but the coverage of Labor Day in mass media has increased significantly. It is an embodiment of ideals in political and economic democracy. On Labor Day weekend, the whole nation pays tribute to the workers of the USA.

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