How to Write a Term Paper Proposal in 5 steps

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Sooner or later students come to the point when they ask how to write a term paper proposal. This article is meant to provide guidance on how to handle this type of academic assignment effectively. Although there is nothing particularly difficult or complicated about writing a term paper proposal, there are still several things one should know before approaching the task. So if you have no clue what kind of information you should provide in a proposal or what structure it should have then you are lucky to come across this article. Even if you don’t know a thing about completing this assignment, this easy 5-step guide will give you a clear understanding of what you should do to deliver a decent term paper proposal. The good thing about writing this kind of assignment is that if you do it right, it will eventually help you develop the great final paper.

Term Paper Proposal: The 5 Step Writing Guide

Step 1: Choose the Topic

Choosing a topic should be your first step in preparing a term paper proposal. Although at this stage you don’t do any writing, it is important that you choose a topic that you are familiar with or you have an interest in. Make sure the chosen topic complies with the assignment guidelines before you move on to the next step.

Step 2: Write a Draft

Now is the time to write. Starting with the title of your term paper develop a brief description of what your final paper is going to be like. At this stage, you are basically saying what you are going to do when developing a final paper. You can call it a brief overview of a term paper as well.

Step 3: Create the Outline

After you have the topic, title and description of the writing project covered, you should outline the parts of the paper. This is how you divide your whole paper into smaller chunks. Add a description for each part of the paper. Usually, term papers contain such sections as the background of the topic, purpose, results, and conclusion. There may be other sections in your proposal as well depending on the topic so don’t limit yourself to the aforementioned sections. Keep in mind that you are not writing a term paper yet, this is just a brief description of what is going to be like. Structuring your material and giving a description to each point (part of the paper) should help your instructor understand what to expect in the final draft.

Step 4: Work on Strong Conclusion

At this stage, it would make sense to explain the significance of your term paper in light of its topic and contribution to a specific field of knowledge. Here you are basically answering the question “Why is this term paper going to be important?” or “What difference does it make?”. The answers to these questions will differ depending on the kind of project you are attempting to write.

Step 5: Don't Forget about the References

Finish your term paper proposal by listing references you plan to use for the project. You may also want to explain how you will collect data if your references are your primary sources (such as interviews for example).

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