How to Write a Discussion Post in APA Format

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APA Format for Discussion Boards

Taking an online course can bring a student numerous theoretical knowledge and practical skills. By taking an online course, you will have a wonderful possibility to communicate with your classmates on different platforms and share your opinions regarding specific issues. By taking an online course, you will be able to participate in various discussions sharing your viewpoints and supporting them. Indeed, there are multiple memorable moments and significant takeaways that emerge from online discussions if you allow yourself to become an integral part of the conversation.

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If you do not know how to write a college discussion board post, let us provide you with some tips!

How can an average student attract the attention of his/her classmates, as well as the professor, via the discussion forum? We have gathered some meaningful tips that can help you succeed in your online course by impressing other participants.

4 Discussion Board Writing Tips

  1. Impress Your Classmates with the Sound Arguments

To make your discussion post interesting to your classmates, you have to develop strong thought-provoking arguments. Certainly, as a student, you are not an expert in a specific area. Therefore, you have to support your arguments with relevant evidence. How to make your post truly engaging? Feel free to find the connections between the discussed topic to the real life of your classmates. We assure you that they will like your approach since they will be able to apply the solutions you offer in real life. Make the students think beyond traditional measures, and they will truly enjoy reading your post.

  1. Make Your Discussion Post Relevant

Many students fail because their posts are not relevant to the discussion. Do not commit such a mistake. Even if you think that the topic of your post is interesting, make sure it is within the scope of discussion.



  1. Bring Something Unique to Your Post

In participating in a dialogue, you have to make your speech interesting and meaningful. To stand out, you need to include something that will attract the attention of your audience. Do extra research and the result will be worth all the efforts. It can be a video clip, an interesting article, or a website, that will help you share your ideas. To get a good grade for your discussion post, you need to establish a newsworthy viewpoint and support it with good evidence. Remember that the way how you tell your opinion is equally important to what you say.

  1. Before Posting, Write Your Text in a Text File

Even if you are confident about what you are going to say, it is better to write down the text in a Word file and double-check it. It will help you check if your thoughts are written in logical order. Also, the text of your post should be free from any grammatical mistakes and any kinds of typos. Moreover, this technique will help you have a fresh look at your post to be able to change something if necessary.

How to Cite a Discussion Post in APA

If you do not know how to cite a discussion board in APA, let us assist. When citing a discussion board in your reference list, do not forget to mention the author, the date of publication, the discussion thread, and, of course, the course URL.

For instance:

Prescott, J. (1999, March 28). Re: Diversity [Online discussion group]. Retrieved from

As for the in-text citation, it needs to follow the common citation order: (Prescott, 1999).

APA Format Discussion Post


In “Making the Students More Curious,” Daniel Willingham (2014), claims that engaging the students in learning does not relate to the attention capacity but to the readiness to develop attention. Willingham (2014), also mentions the essential difference between short-term curiosity and long-term interest. In this regard, the author opines, "curiosity is much more transitory" (p. 34).

Although there are no hard data to prove Willingham’s words, it is obvious that nowadays YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, and Wikipedia became the sources of entertainment for children. At the same time, one cannot say that the children became less curious. Nowadays, the subjects of their curiosity have changed.

Willingham suggests three things that can help educators increase students’ curiosity.

  • First and foremost, the teachers should find out what they want to teach and how they want to do it. If the teacher wants the child to be habitually curious, he/she should serve as an example for a child.
  • Second, the teachers should keep in mind that "curiosity is a pleasurable sampling but not a serious commitment" (Willingham, 2014, p. 35). As such, indulging in the curiosity of the students is always a well-rewarding activity.
  • Third, curiosity is always prompted by thought-provoking questions. Therefore, to promote curiosity in his/her students, the teacher should take time and think about the thought-provoking questions that will require the students to make some investigation.


Willingham, D. (2014). Making the students more curious. Knowledge Quest, 42(5), 32-35.

If you need more information on how to cite a website in a discussion board feel free to check the effective APA manual (for instance, Purdue Owl Formatting Lab) and you will find the answers to all your questions.

How to Cite a Discussion Board MLA

To cite a discussion board in MLA, follow the MLA template. List the title of the comment along with the thread title. After that, list the name of the forum, the date of the comment, and the URL of the website.

MLA Format for Discussion Boards

Patel, Marte. “Trouble Installing Editorial.” Editorial development Web forum, 12 June 2017. Google Groups,!forum/editoria-development.

How to Cite a Book in a Discussion Board

To cite the book in your discussion, be sure to put the author's last name and the year of the book`s publication in parentheses - (Brown, 1990).

To quote directly from the book, be sure to include the page number on which the quote can be found - (Brown, 1990, p. 17).

Below your discussion post, do not forget to include a full citation:

Brown, M. (1990). Therapy for children. Maryland Heights, MO: Mosby/Elsevier.

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