Hardest High School Classes

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Hardest High School Classes

The high school program consists of many required classes to pass. Some of them are pretty easy while others are treated as the hardest high school classesAnd a lot of students are wondering: what is the hardest class in high school?

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Of course, a big part depends on the skills, character, and experience of the student. Some people are strong at Math and technical sciences. Others succeed in languages but find Math frustrating. Really few students are equally successful in all disciplines. Nevertheless, reading the reviews of current high school students, it is possible to notice that the majority agree on the same Hardest Classes in High School.



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Here are the hardest subjects in school that were chosen according to the information on students’ forums and reviews.


There are many hard math subjects in high school. Only a few students find Math an easy subject. The majority hardly pass the exams and spend long hours studying Math. For most students, it isn't very easy to memorize formulas and understand the concepts. If you are smart enough you can use Excel assistance of course. Besides, the grading scheme in Math does not offer flexibility (the evaluation scheme in English essay writing is much looser), so there is no place for deviations. Here are some reviews from students:

as for the hardest, the lame award goes to Math

Math. No matter how hard I tried I just didn't get it.

Math. I hate having to memorize concepts and formulas and whatever. In Math, it's either this or you're wrong, and I hate that kind of structure, personally.


Many students name Physics as the most challenging school subject. All those lab reports and formulas are not for everyone. The top reason for this choice is the complexity of concepts. It is difficult to understand the complex laws standing behind trivial things. And again, a Math background is required. So, those who are weak at Math most likely are weak at Physics as well. Here are some comments from the students:

Physics. My brain just does not work that way. I am fine with math on its own and science on its own but combine the two and I'm lost.

Physics because by age 15 I would get panic attacks in physics lessons for some reason. I think it was a combination of the guys and quietness of my classroom.


Those students, who succeed in Math, usually have hardship with languages and humanities. Talking about English, in most cases, students find it difficult because of the too many rules, and, even more, exceptions. English is tough, especially for non-native speakers. Here is the explanation of the high school student: 

English. I prefer there to be a right answer. English has too many exceptions to rules and subjective questions about the author's purpose for me. I'm sorry but I just don't know why he wrote it or what he/she was thinking when he/she chose this word to describe things and I don't care



Chemistry is also among the top hardest high school classes. The reasons are pretty the same as with Physics. Difficult concepts are almost impossible to grasp if you do not have solid Math background and a good teacher. Many students just do not understand the real-life application of Chemistry. This is the answer of the student:

“In Highschool, my hardest class was Chemistry where I got a B and worked my fingers to the bone studying”


Literature is difficult because it requires spending a lot of time reading, playing with the text, and trying to understand the thoughts and ideas of the author. Many students are not interested in digging into the author’s brain. They perceive the material as fact rather than as the mysterious object of analysis. Besides, the evaluation of the skills is very subjective.

In high school, everything was easy for me except Literature. It just seemed like the teachers and authors of the textbooks were making stuff up when they were analyzing short stories and poems (especially poems). There was no pattern, no logic to it... well, to me, anyway. It just seemed like random thoughts were passed off as coherent leaps of logic. Besides, I could never understand the point of such analysis... sure, the analysis is necessary and beneficial in math, science, and social studies, but in the arts? Can't we just say, "I like this poem, and you don't" and leave it at that?

English literature was the most difficult because I had a hard time remembering every single detail in the novels I had to read and get quizzed on.”

Spanish, French (foreign languages classes).

Learning foreign languages is undoubtedly a beneficial task. However, it requires persistence, time, and effort. Besides, the structure of the languages differs which prevents understanding. That is why so many students are confused and consider foreign language as the hardest high school class.

Just read the several reviews:

In high school, my hardest were Spanish 2 and all my science classes.”

“Just requires too much learning and learning. And the structure of languages is different from our own. It is puzzling.”

Physical Education

Physical education is in the top-10 list because some students lack the previous training and cannot pass the normative, while others just find it useless.

“no matter how hard you try you can't become exceptionally good if you don't have talent. Sure, you can improve, maybe gain a few skills but it just can't be learned easily.


Well, if you are a congenital philosopher, then Philosophy will be fascinating to you. However, for an average student Philosophy is not a piece of cake. The logic of most philosophers is not the same as the logic of a random person. So, it is tough to understand the ideas and analyze them from any point of view.


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History is difficult because it requires memorizing dates. Not everyone could remember the date of the First World War start or the creation of the US Congress. Besides, students get so much information each time that it appears difficult to even write notes.

Public speaking

Public speaking creates troubles for those, who are afraid to speak to the audience. And to be honest, those students are the majority. Public speaking skill is useful; however, developing this skill requires enormous effort.  

Now, you are familiar with the thoughts of the current high school students regarding the complexity of different classes. So, maybe you will share with us: What are your Hardest High School Classes?

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