A Day at the Beach Essay

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Day at the Beach Essay

Writing essays, such as a day at the beach essay, can sometimes be challenging. If you are not already familiar with the subject matter or are not particularly interested in the theme, then the process can be disastrous. However, a lot of students are often asked to complete essays on everyday topics to help them use their imagination or describe a real-life personal experience on paper. Sometimes, these essays can be entirely pleasurable.



Suppose, for instance, you are asked to write an essay about an afternoon trip to the seaside or a day spent on a beach, which is an entirely usual assignment. Anyone who lives near the ocean particularly loves this essay topic because, and this may seem obvious, it evokes memories of a great time. Yet, even those who must travel some distance to the seaside can write a good paper on this topic. The content of this article is aimed especially at those with this type of assignment. Hopefully, some of the following tips will help you write an engaging paper.

Beach Essay

Whether you find a day at the beach essay free on some website or write your own, it should be based on the descriptive style and pattern of writing. This particular style has some distinguishing features that the writer must be aware of if they are to get a high grade for their effort. Some of these features are:

  • Liberal use of literary-writing devices such as similes, metaphors, and so on;
  • The precise choice of language;
  • Compelling descriptions about absorbing the environment and watching the sights and surroundings;
  • Allow the reader to visualize the scene on and after a long day at the beach instead of telling them about it;
  • Make the experience a sensory one.

It is important to attend to these features to produce a worthwhile essay. If you do not adhere to the correct pattern, you may end up with low-grade paper.

Having previously looked at the basic rules of the descriptive style, it is time to look at the practical aspects, which involve writing an essay about the long summer day you spent at the beach. Remember, you aim to write about your experience subjectively and share this with readers. However, your aim is not simply to relate your experiences, but to do with using visual and precise language to create the required image of you relaxing a day away. Choose your words carefully and use any literary devices that can add visualization to your descriptions.

Essay On Beach

Even if it is the case you have never had an amazing day at a beach, you must surely have imagined one so you can still describe your imaginings on paper. The following are some devices you can use to help create vivid images:

  • Use sight: Describe particular things (unusual or everyday things) that caught your eye on the beach, such as how your friends got a perfect scorching.
  • Sound: If you heard seabirds calling overhead or the sounds of children playing, describe these. Recollect every unique sound that made up the atmosphere. Did you enjoy listening? Was it fun to do?
  • Smell: What smells did you get during your time on the beach? Did you smell the seaweed, saltwater or did any other odors touch your senses?
  • Taste: Did you eat anything on your trip to the beach? If so, describe the snacks you had and how they tasted. Maybe you even tasted the salt water.
  • Touch: Did you touch anything on your weekday or weekend trip to the beach such as the water or sand? How did these feel?

Maybe you find it difficult to imagine a beach trip because you have never been. If so, just go online and search for some beach-type images or you might even find a day at the beach essay free, e.g., a sample. When you find one you really like, dwell on it for a while, and then shut your eyes for a few minutes while you imagine spending a day there. With these images in your mind, try to put your thoughts and feelings onto the paper. Have fun!

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