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Cinco de Mayo Essay

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Cinco de Mayo or the Fifth of May is related to the celebration of the Mexican culture. The day symbolizes the victory of the Mexican army (1862) over French forces at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War. Cinco de Mayo is not a popular holiday in Mexico, it is a minor holiday celebrated by certain groups. In the State of Puebla, it is a day off and the national holiday. In other Mexican states,the public schools are closed, but it is not a nationwide holiday. Nevertheless, in the USA, this minor holiday has grown into a true celebration of Mexican culture and traditions. Some Americans even misinterpret the meaning of this holiday with the Mexican Independence Day, which is celebrated in September. However, those two holidays are different, and Cinco de Mayo is celebrated on 5th May in the US California since 1863. In 1940, the holiday was spread all over the US. However, the true popularity of the Cinco de Mayo rose in 1980th due to the marketing campaigns and business interests. Further, the holiday became popular and turned into the celebration of the Mexican culture. The holiday is especially popular in Southern states that border with Mexico.  For many Americans Cinco de Mayo is associated with Tacos and few margarita cocktails. Some restaurants even feast the free tacos to the visitors. For example, this year the chain Revolutionario Tacos in Los Angeles gives away the free tacos for guests. Some cities have contests of drinking Mexican cocktails. It is the holiday of fun and entertainment. The holiday is also celebrated in Canada. For example, in Winsor, there is a celebration called “Cinco de Mayo Street Festival.” The pubs play Mexican music and offer Mexican cuisine. In the Cayman Islands, the celebration of Cinco de Mayo is marked with the air guitar competition. Although Cinco de Mayo traditions are not old, the bright and amusing nature of Mexican culture made this holiday one of the favorite celebrations in American culture. Therefore, very often students in US schools are assigned to write the Cinco de Mayo essay. Here, you can find some tips, ideas, and the list of topics you can use to write your Cinco de Mayo essay.

Cinco de Mayo essay tips

  • The easiest way to write the Cinco de Mayo essayis to choose the narrative style.
  • As any other type of essays, Cinco de Mayo essayshould consist of the introduction, body part, and the conclusion.
  • Body part should incorporate at least three paragraphs.
  • Each of the paragraphs should present the distinct idea (traditions of celebration, history of the holiday, traditions in a certain US state, the celebration in schools, the celebration in colleges, etc).
  • Never forget about revisions and editing! Nothing is perfect, nor is your first draft. Place an emphasis on editing as even the smallest mistake may spoil a good idea.
  • In order to make your essay interesting, choose the entertaining topic.
  • As far as you write about the holiday, use the positive and amusing tone, avoid looming words and complicated grammatical constructions.
  • The topic of the essay may be both very general and very precise. It depends on the purpose of your writing, your age and preferences.
  • If you cannot decide upon the right topic, check our list. Maybe you will find a good idea among our suggestions!
  • Start your writing with positive attitude and enjoy your results!

The list of possible Cinco de Mayo essay topics:

  1. The best Cinco de Mayo traditions in the US.
  2. The celebration of Cinco de Mayo in different states.
  3. The value of Cinco de Mayo in Mexico.
  4. The significance of Cinco de Mayo celebrations in the USA.
  5. Where to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Texas?
  6. Where is the greatest celebration of Cinco de Mayo in California?
  7. The meaning of the Battle of Puebla for the Mexican heritage.
  8. The confusion of Cinco de Mayo with the Independence Day holiday.
  9. Top-destinations for Cinco de Mayo holiday.
  10. Traditional food for Cinco de Mayo celebration.
  11. The consequences of Cinco de Mayo for the USA.
  12. The official attitude towards Cinco de Mayo celebration.
  13. The celebration of Cinco de Mayo in US schools.
  14. The celebration of Cinco de Mayo in US universities.
  15. The history of the Cinco de Mayo holiday.
  16. The reasons for celebrating Cinco de Mayo.
  17. The traditional drinks in celebrating Cinco de Mayo.
  18. The attitude of Native Americans towards the celebration of Cinco de Mayo holiday.
  19. Cinco de Mayo and public events for the kids.
  20. How is Cinco de Mayo celebrated in Northern America?

We hope that our essay writing tips, and the list of the Cinco de Mayo essay topics will be helpful to you! Decide upon the right topic and enjoy your writing!

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