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The first thing to know about writing a 500 word essay is that if it is a narrative, you are effectively being required to tell your readers a story. Usually, your tutor will provide some prompts to get you in creative mood and they will usually give guidance on the length because there can be some confusion about this question, how long is a 500 word essay? However, you should always make sure you write about an event or experience from your own life or you can even write about an experience that someone else had but one that profoundly affected your life. You can even write about a recent event or something that is still ongoing in your life. That said, there are a few basic rules you should adhere to, so here are some useful tips on how to write a 500 word essay:

Do some brainstorming to generate a good topic and other ideas:

Do a little brainstorming to come up with a number of ideas and/or you could refer to a well-written 500 word essay example for prompts. Make a note of everything you think of and try to develop a bit of detail around each point. If, for example, you are writing about a beloved pet, make a note of a few memorable events related to that pet. You will soon start to understand how easy it is to use the 500 words essay format to build a great text.

To allow your thoughts to flow smoothly, begin by writing freely:

When you have decided on a topic, flesh it out by doing a little free-flow writing. This is a useful approach that a lot of writers use for 500 word essays to get their rhythm going. It is also a great way for developing ideas that may have been a little fuzzy in the earlier stages.

Create an outline and begin writing an initial draft:

The habit of developing an outline before you start writing a 500 word college essay for real is a great way of giving your work structure and for helping you remain on the right track. This outline can have as much detail or as little as you choose but it is important you arrange your discussion points in logical order. Keep this outline to hand while you are writing. Referring to it regularly when writing a 500 word essay will help you keep to the point.

Look back over your content to get ideas for your essay’s conclusion:

As noted above, narrative writing is a form of story telling and a compelling ending is a trait of all great stories. Therefore, while you will have to stay within the 500 word essay length, try to leave your readers contemplating what it all means as you draw to a close.

For the conclusion, take time to reflect on what you have written and sum-up the main points in this last paragraph. Write in a way that leaves your readers empathizing with you, even if the topic of your 500 word paper is an unpleasant or controversial one. In addition, remember to lead the reader in the direction you want them to take. 

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