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42 Interesting Research Paper Topics in Psychology

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Psychology is defined by many as the exact study of the human brain, in particular, the mind and soul. This science is based on human behavior, mental health, and the human consciousness. For students that are doing psychology, choosing suitable research paper topics for psychology has proven to be quite a hectic experience. Over the past decades, the psychology career has prospered with new schools developed, joined and split. The early psychologists choose to move from one school of thought to the next. However, the present psychologists, when studying their patient’s feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, get a long and rich history to draw from them.

There are many current trends in the field of psychology, for example, the rising use of technology to treat psychological disorders has widely affected the field. For instance, Schizophrenia and ADHD patients are being treated using video games. For patients who are in the rural areas, there is online video conferencing. The other current trend is the growing responsibility to insurance. It is mandatory for psychologists to prove their efficacy in their treatments to insurance companies. The main reason is the increasing insurance payments for the expensive treatments. Many therapists in this modern world are taking clues like meditation and related practices like yoga. These methods are then essential for a healthier and happy life.

There are many interesting research paper topics for psychology.

These are:

  1. Social interaction
  2. Special children’s mental development
  3. Importance of teaching sexual education to young children
  4. Stress, its causes, and symptoms
  5. Vehement music and its influence on children
  6. Counseling divorced personalities
  7. Aging and mental illness
  8. Long term and short term memories
  9. Psychological reasons for depression
  10. Overcrowding and effects on human beings
  11. Effects of phobias to human beings
  12. The psychology behind marriages that last long
  13. Psychological effects of distress
  14. An analysis of the rising divorce cases in the society
  15. The effects of designer babies on the society
  16. Varied effects on color in mental conditions
  17. Causes and the results of shyness in grown ups
  18. Lawful and principled aspects of the gay adoption
  19. A sex worker’s psychological profile
  20. The results of abortion on psychological health
  21. Results of parental negligence
  22. The psychological view of a terrorist
  23. Formation of habits and how to control them
  24. Psychological glitches of the poor
  25. Reasons for teenage  suicides
  26. Birth plans and its effects on someone’s personality
  27. Is intelligence affected by environment and genetics?
  28. Postnatal depression of the mother and child
  29. The connection between physical illness and stress
  30. Why are psychologists involved in military examinations?
  31. Stages of development in human beings
  32. Is memory affected by gender?
  33. How do individual differences affect stress?
  34. Understanding private imprisonment and its effects
  35. What are some of the causes of anxiety and which treatments are offered?
  36. Bipolar disorders and its effects on a person
  37. Importance of sports psychology
  38. Analysis of strict capital penalties to sex offenders
  39. Experts and frauds of hypnosis
  40. Should school uniforms be forbidden?
  41. Theories of motivation
  42. Is molarity imposed by harsh laws?

These ideas for the research paper will greatly help you while selecting particular topics. This will make the paper specific and interesting.

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