Business Management Dissertation Topics

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Business Management Dissertation Topics

Everyone who does the Master’s degree in Business Management sooner or later will face the problem of choosing the most appropriate theme among the business management dissertation topics. Some students collect the research and materials throughout the entire school program so that at the end of their studies they already have their own business management dissertation ideas.



Others need help in finding the right dissertation topics for business management. If you still have not made up your mind regarding the Master’s thesis topic, our list of the business management dissertation topics may give you a hand. It does not necessarily mean that you have to copy the topic from the list. However, our dissertation topics in business management may give you some clues or hints in developing your topic.

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Topic Ideas for BM Dissertation 

  1. The innovative approaches to crisis management: theoretical findings and the practical application.
  2. Flat or sharp: determining the real nature of the international business relations based on the examples of the biggest global players around the world (here, you may also use the example of some industries, like oil and gas, car manufacturing, apparel).
  3. The most successful examples of efficient motivation and reward systems in transnational corporations.
  4. The most flexible method of dealing with different age categories of employees at the company.
  5. What is the role of inclusion at multinational level corporations?
  6. The implementation of the knowledge management system in different business types: examples, experiences, and perspectives.
  7. The development of e-commerce in 3rd world countries – risks and advantages (could be used the example of some e-commerce platform or the specific example of some country).
  8. Potential investment opportunities for Chinese business investors in the oil industry in various countries – international barriers and opportunities.
  9. The analysis of corporate social responsibility at various levels of the company: employees, managers, and owners. The attitude towards the corporate social responsibility within the groups, their influence, and their role in the entire system.
  10. The analysis of the current changes in global trade: the influence (positive and negative, qualitative and quantitative) of the newly emerged social media on the character of the international trade relations.
  11. The current problems with outsourcing in the apparel industry: what stands behind the scenes? The cost of a T-shirt and the “fake” correspondence with international norms and standards.
  12. A comparative analysis of international virtual dominions on the examples of,, and eBay.
  13. The influence of affective, normative, and calculative commitment on the organizational change process and the determination of the most influential element.
  14. The role of human resource management on the survival of organizations within the ever-changing international business environment.
  15. The implementation of the creative organization management system and the possible ways of overcoming the existing and potential barriers.
  16. The analysis of various leadership styles influences the work and development of not-for-profit organizations (charitable funds, NGOs).
  17. The role of corporate social responsibility as a factor to decrease poverty in the Sub-Saharan region.

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Choosing the correct dissertation topic is a valuable step that might influence the future career of the graduate. That is why every student has to do his best when deciding upon the most fascinating and up-to-date topic. Our suggestions are the only possible ways to move. And, frankly speaking, you should not take any of these topics without alterations. However, you may like the theoretical or practical concepts that are raised on our list that would help you in developing your own best topic for the top-grade dissertation in business management.

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