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Critique of a Speech in Patch Adams



You Treat a Person

Patch Adams (1998) has one of the famous monologs in the cinema which the main character delivers during his court trial. The scene covers business ethical concerns, which Adams faces conducting a clinical business at his farm. Adams wants to make his actions valuable trying to help other people. However, he fails to meet the medical regulations which makes his good intentions to be questioned (Movieclips, 2011). The paper focuses on the scene of Patch Adams’ monolog to highlight the ethical issues in the movie which relate to the business running, malpractice, lack of medical qualifications, and the failure to comply with the medical code.

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The ethical concern of malpractice defines the potential injuries and sufferings, which could emerge from the medical treatment offered by professionals. Even though he is not qualified, Adams is trying to help the community despite the lack of medical access and resources.

Ethically, all nurses and physicians are expected to align with the medical professional code of conduct, which includes confidentiality and privacy of the patient’s information. From the video, it is clear that Adams does not have any prior knowledge of the codes of conduct. This situation makes him unqualified to provide any medical treatment and uphold the professional code of conduct. Adams deserves to be prosecuted for his ethical negligence which has placed the lives of his patients in danger.

Negligence could also be argued as one of the issues which led Adams to operate the clinic without any license and prior qualifications. All entrepreneurs are expected to provide solutions to the problems facing the needs of the customers. However, they must ensure that they comply with the potential ethical concerns associated with their business operations. Adams is ignorant and does not consider the potential danger which could emerge from his actions.

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Speech Critique Summary

Adams’s farm clinic is successful, but it is not ethical as he does not follow the regulations of medical practice. In fact, business owners are expected to operate within the government regulations about the nature of their services. According to the video from the movie, it is clear that Adams fails to align the business with the requirements and guidelines provided in the health care sector. The failure to follow the medical professional code of conduct and potential malpractice shows his negligence of ethical compliance in the business. Therefore, the jury should punish Adams as his defense as indicated in the video is not sufficient to justify his malicious actions.

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