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Freedom of Speech



Freedom of speech and association has given a crucial push to new forms of organizational leadership within civil society. The neglect of basic social and economic rights undermines the civil and political rights as freedom of speech (Flores & Himma, 2013). Social and economic factors modify free speech in contemporary society. Volokh’s view in the “California Law Review” that truly inflammatory and evil speech should not be tolerated should be embraced at all levels of organizations and in state and federal government institutions.

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Evil speech should not be tolerated because it results in disproportionate damage to individuals who could otherwise seek the protection of the law (Lovelock & Evans, 2008). However, leaders must demonstrate that they welcome viewpoints that challenge their own.  While there are undoubtedly occasions where it may be appropriate for members to use the privilege of freedom of speech in a way that seriously affects the reputation of another person, there are equally circumstances where that may not be the case (Flores & Himma, 2013). This requires that leaders in organizations treat others as collaborators, rather than reflexive or reactive followers and be willing to share thought leadership.   

In the Department of Treasury in Louisiana state, freedom of the press is essential to the leadership of the state hence it is inviolably preserved. Lisosky & Henrichsen (2011) noted that free expression in the Department of Treasury in Louisiana serves as a watchdog in the utilization of public resources. The freedom of speech in state governments is essential because some departments and corrupt leaders feel the need to construct fences to keep their local watchdogs under control. The Department of the Treasury in the state of Louisiana has recognized the importance of free expression to the growth of state and sustainability on basis of good governance (Lisosky & Henrichsen, 2011).

Contemporary understandings of freedom of speech are important especially in the protection of public employees. Marturano & Gosling (2008) noted that modern leadership in public finance demands collaboration with many people, each of whom has special knowledge, skills, and expertise that generate unique insights and perspectives. John Neely Kennedy should therefore foster open communication among his collaborators and involve them in decision making at all levels (Marturano & Gosling, 2008).

In conclusion, Marturano & Gosling (2008) says that to function effectively, key players in an organization must feel free to participate fully in the process, providing information, giving advice, and expressing dissent. As a result, the content of the expression or speech is the most important consideration. There is a need to ensure that the speech in question addresses a matter of public concern. In the Department of Treasury in Louisiana, Kennedy must encourage open dialogue, ensuring that there are no issues that can not be expressed freely that compel collusion of silence.   

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