Eisenhower's Farewell Speech



Eisenhower's Farewell Speech

Dwight David Eisenhower, the thirty-fourth President of the USA had been ruling the country from 1953 to 1961. Like every President, he made a so-called “farewell speech”. In his speech, Eisenhower touches upon the problems the American nation had been facing during the period of his presidential term. His thoughts are not limited only to the USA but include the international situation of the country.


He shared his thoughts concerning the well-being of America and analyzed everything connected with the period of eight years.

There is a possibility to emphasize his several thoughts as those to be important even nowadays. Eisenhower considered war and peace situation to be rather tense at that period as the fellow citizens of America witnessed several war conflicts. Their main concern was to keep the peace, which was sometimes impossible. Another key point of the Americans was to prove that this nation is mighty. The basic point was to keep the peace.

This tendency continues nowadays as the American government tries to maintain balance in the worldwide conflict situations.

Eisenhower raised the question about the military establishment. The American presidents including Eisenhower have been trying to organize safe environment for their people. The defense establishment is of vital importance in the USA. A great part of the nation’s money is spent to make the army and the defense technologies to be of high standards.

The speaker mentioned the scientific revolution to be of big value at that time as it is one of the main mechanisms, which brings the whole nation to success. The global computerization started in the twentieth century and the USA was one of the first countries that were involved in it even at that far period. Eisenhower promised that all old blackboards at every American school be replaced with an interactive electronic device. This tendency is clearly observed even at present. The American policy aims to provide educational establishments with up-to-date technologies.

The modern critics consider Eisenhower’s struggle to technological innovations was very important as it gave the opportunity to improve one of the key elements of nation’s development – science and education.

He announced the revolution in the conduct of research. The American universities and scientific centers provided the nation and the world with numerous innovations in all spheres of science that was achieved with the help of government investments. It was not only about the money but also with the help of the government programs.

The supreme goals of the free society at the time when Eisenhower was a president were aimed to keep balance and to integrate every force possible for providing the American nation with high-quality standards of wellbeing.

To sum up, it is necessary to mention that Eisenhower’s methods of influence and his strategy were clear and well organized. In his speech, he managed to mention all the nation’s main problems and achievements. Many times he addresses God and prays for the prosperity of American people.

Eisenhower served the American nation for eight years and achieved many of his goals. His presidential period is characterized by different changes (both positive and negative).

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