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My Volunteer Experience

I have been longing to serve the society and humanity at large through volunteer work since my childhood. Such activities are not only satisfying and fulfilling, but also necessary. However, my concern has been to perform my desire using the right platform. That is why I was more than delighted when the issue was brought about in class. As a hands-on approach to learning, there was a need to volunteer with the Habitat for Humanity. I was very enthusiastic and positive about what I was going to experience with the organization in regard to serving the society.


Due to my excitement, the week before I could start practicing seemed very long. Finally, the first day came. On that Saturday, I drove to Canton to meet the Habitat for Humanity group. Upon arrival, I could already tell that it would be a bright day. Voices of people all over the place and sounds of hammers indicated people’s work. I did not even have time to wonder what was happening, when other volunteers began to arrive. At the hillside, we met a gentleman who guided us on how and where we could park our cars. The traffic started to build up.

The place turned into a bee hive of activity. Things were building up. New volunteers were arriving. Various people were parking at different points. Upon arrival, we were cordially received. To start with, we were served with beverages, such as coffee, and other things like water and fruits. Those who served us were equally delighted by our presence. It was splendid.

After taking the refreshments, it was time for a brief orientation. The chief contractor effectively handled this important exercise. From the way he talked, it was completely clear that he was well informed. Part of orientation included instructions on how we were going to work. The main activity was to clean the site and erect a roof. When I looked carefully, I discovered that there were many writings. We used brushes in order to clean them. At this point, the work of the contractor increased greatly. This was because he had to give instructions to many volunteers. He had to ensure that all the activities have been conducted properly.

One of the main duties in putting up the roof was to raise beams which were to support the roof. Although it was breath-taking, the volunteers were determined to complete the task. In fact,  two groups finished the raising despite having been already exhausted. Motivated by this example, other volunteers moved with haste to raise our beams. At the end of it all, the frame was put up. Now it was the duty of the contractors to take the next step. As a result, we were instructed to raise the frame, which we did easily.

At this point, my time was running out. I had to leave the scene. Although I was somewhat exhausted, I was satisfied and fulfilled. I had quenched my enthusiasm. I looked at the accomplishments we made that day and was proud of my contribution to the voluntary work.  As I drove back, I contemplated on the things that made the day a success. I was able to recall that the people I worked with were very friendly. In addition, those who served us were equally enthusiastic. Further, I was able to meet new friends who, although earlier unknown to me, turned out to be rather sociable. For me, it was a great experience worth remembering. I would forever be ready to volunteer with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and others.

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