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Moral and Society

Modern society has a lot of things we can be proud of. Technologies are constantly developing, the communication process between people around the world gets simpler, and overall, everything gets better. However, the issue of the lack of morality should not be ignored; on the contrary, society and especially local communities need to pay more attention to it.

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One of the prime reasons our modern society lacks morality is the lack of strict moral education that was present yet in the middle of the twentieth century. Young people are left alone to themselves, and the control over the behavior ends right after the children leave school grounds. Government has other issues it concentrates on, parents mostly spend all the time possible to solve the financial problems of the family, and local communities concentrate on different aspects of the social life as well. So the first change needs to be made in the approach to upbringing of children, especially in their early years, since later on any changes would be having less and less impact.

Another factor that influences the unshaped minds of the youth and changes the moral principles is the lack of restraint and control over the information in the media. Be it printed or virtual, i.e. online resource, the young generation becomes exposed to the abundance of immorality presented in such media. This leads to chaos in the people’s minds and irreversible changes in the behavior and moral norms of the people. Generally speaking, we have too much freedom and democracy, which brings both positive and negative results to society.

There are other challenges, like drugs, prostitution, and crime, leading to the decay of society and restricting lots of people from leaving their lives honestly and morally. Hopefully, things will develop in a better way and the morality level will rise significantly so that the next generations would not suffer from such a problem.

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