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Leadership Skills

Leader is a person who gives the sense of inspiration for others and leads them. Everyone, who wants to be a leader and have the world at his feet, needs to have leadership skills. What can one do to be a leader?


Firstly, leadership skills are the combination and interaction of years of incredible training, competitive experience and obsessive drive to achieve and persevere. Moreover, some people are born with these characteristics and genetic endowment plays in it a great role. However, it does not mean that people, who do not have such skills from birthday, cannot develop them.  Such qualities as the ability to seize opportunities, ambition, determination, and resilience, power of intuition, persistence, and foresight will help them to perform this task. In other words, the ability to recognize and understand your moods and  the emotional makeup of other people, the propensity to suspend judgment, a passion to work for reasons that go beyond money or status, the proficiency in making relationships and building networks are key features that make a leader. (Goleman, 2011, 6)

Who is an example of a true leader? In my opinion, the greatest one is Steven Paul Jobs.  He took the world of technology by storm because he was quick thinking and had a great qualification. However, he did not have well-rounded education, influential acquaintances or financial backing. He achieved his success with the help of his personal efforts. His great abilities to delegate was noticed in 1996 when he quickly engineered an award-winning campaign, created perfect team spirit in his company and urged customers to “think different” and buy his invention – Macintosh. (Young, 2005, 134)

To sum up to be a perfect leader one has to have self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skill. However, all these will be nothing without personal efforts and a hard work.

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