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Global Community Fights Global Issues

Global Community Fights Global Issues

Nowadays society meets new challenges on an everyday basis. We learn about the terrorist attacks of all sorts, find out that the flood left another country without crops for the season, or discover that reporters are not allowed to inform their communities about the current issues because of the dictatorships, and cannot leave all this information unattended. Since people make up a part of the local community, which is a part of the nation, which, in its turn, completes the global community, the final reaction to certain global events evolves from the bottom level to the very top one. People all over the globe care about the people in certain countries or regions, who suffer from the abovementioned challenges.

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Terrorism caused a lot of changes in modern society. People became more aware of the current events, airlines made boarding rules way more complicated to avoid unpredicted flight outcomes. Besides traditional terrorism, the global community became opposed to online terrorism. Computer networks become more protected from cyber-terrorist attacks, and the level of the overall society awareness rose as well.

The problem of global warming caused a lot of reactions in the countries all over the world. People understand that while their area was not affected yet, it will only take certain time for the global warming to reach them as well. That is why the entire global community is united in its efforts to overcome the impact of global warming on some territories and to minimize its overall influence, with the end goal being the elimination of the global warming and greenhouse effect as a notion.

The global community struggles in support of democracy in all the countries and territories. Freedom of speech is one of the key points that keep some countries from moving to the next level. World leaders, supported by their nations, try to eliminate any issues with freedom of speech, unfair treatment of the political refugees etc. Developed countries with centuries-old traditions of democratic development support the developing countries that are in need of advice or practical action to support and develop democracy.

The global community is united around the idea of global unity of the world. Countries and nations look forward to helping others in the fight for global harmony, peace, and stability, as well as the independence of all the countries with democratic leaders and full freedom of speech.

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