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Cultural Dimensions

Understanding cultural dimensions is very important for people, who communicate with individuals from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds, as well as are in contact with foreigners. In this essay, one will speak of Hofstede’s cultural dimensions, which explain that different people act differently and had dissimilar expectations from their jobs, personal and social lives. This is due to the fact they were raised in different cultures. This essay will explain how Holfstede’s cultural dimensions help international students in Australia: they shape their behavior, help them communicate, as well as allow understanding different expectations of Australians.


The first reason why understanding of Holfstede’s cultural dimensions is helpful for international students in Australia is that it assists them in adjusting their behavior to a new country. Settings and surroundings have huge effects on people’s personalities shaping them greatly. A person, who grows up in a certain culture, will behave differently from his or her colleague, if these people have different cultural backgrounds. Hence, international students in Australia will be able to use Holfstede’s ideas and shape their behavior in a way that would be appropriate in Australia.

Secondly, Holfstede’s cultural dimensions are important for communicating more effectively. Exchange students, who come to another country, are often facing difficulties adjusting to new people and the culture. Hofstede’s cultural dimensions studies are very useful in this case, because they help a person understand new environment and create a communication style. Students will use different approaches while interacting with Australians thanks to their understanding of Holfstede’s cultural dimensions.

Thirdly, understanding of cultural dimensions helps international students accept different expectations and views of Australians. This way, it is easier for students to see the peculiarities of Australians and understand them better. They can research about Australian culture and determine its main orientations and directions. Thanks to that, students will be able fit in a new society and make friends easier. Students would also be more prepared and know what to expect from Australians.

Thus, Holfstede’s cultural dimensions play a very important role in the adjustment process of international students in Australia. Holfstede’s conclusions are especially helpful for foreigners in Australia, because they are able to adapt to a new lifestyle. Such understanding helps international students to fit in and communicate with new people easier.

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