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Call Friends or Text Them

The Pew Internet has conducted a research that proved that 31% of adults across the United States prefer using text messages rather than receiving and making phone calls. However, 14% of the respondents suggested that their decision to use either of the two ways of communication depends on the situation (Kolb, 2011). However, most individuals in the United States prefer making calls to sending messages. The question remains why some individuals prefer using texts to calling and what is better. It is clear that texting is better than calling since it has many advantages. Generally, it can be deduced that most people prefer texting to voice calls because it is unlikely that messages can be overheard. This paper supports that texting friends is better than calling them since it offers increased accessibility, compensates for ambient noise, poor connections and quality of the listening characteristics of a phone among other advantages that will be discussed in this paper.


The first advantage of using text messages is privacy meaning that messaging is unlikely to be overheard. There are times when one wishes to communicate confidential information when in public. At such moments, one protects the information as much as possible; thus, texting will be the best alternative. Moreover, one can refer to text messages in the future in case the information is needed since it can easily be saved in the device. On the contrary, voice calls require one to speak meaning that information can easily leak to the third parties especially when in public (Kolb, 2011). That means that the privacy of information when using voice calls can be easily breached. That way, it is clear that messaging friends is better than calling them.

Most importantly, it is argued that text messaging not only ensures better accessibility for individuals with hearing difficulties, but also compensates for noise and poor network connections. The speakers of a device may also be of poor quality meaning that voice calls will be difficult to make. That provides a platform for one to use text messages for communication purposes; besides, one will not be distracted by noise and poor connectivity. On the other hand, voice calls require quietness and good hearing. This means that people with hearing impairments cannot make voice calls (Lenhart, Ling, Campbell, & Purcell, 2010). Also, voice calls need quality network connections; hence, an area with poor network connections is not suitable for making voice calls. That makes text messaging better than calling to friends due to easy accessibility.

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Furthermore, text messaging enhances time saving. There are cases when one is short of time and thus must transfer information as quickly as possible. A short message is more convenient than a voice call to a friend since calling will take more time than texting. Text messaging reduces the social as well as psychological pressure to reply meaning that it can be done quicker than voice calling. Otherwise, calling friends takes time and requires one to think what to say before making or responding to a call. Voice calls are sometimes characterized by discomfort and impatience due to the pauses during conversations (Traynor et al., 2011). That tends to consume time when communicating meaning that text messages are better than voice calls as they save time.

In conclusion, it has become clear that text messaging provides advantages in terms of time saving, accessibility, and privacy of communicating information. Most people prefer text messaging to voice calls when they wish to be brief in their interactions. They also do that as a way of protecting their information especially in the public. Young adults have widely used text messaging especially with the emergence of social media networks. Therefore, messaging friends is better than calling them.

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