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California Youth Services

Youth Agency is an organization, which helps young people to make important life decisions. I have recently visited one of them. It is California Youth Services. This experience is very useful for me.


California Youth Services’ mission is to provide teens and their parents with different services and programs, which can help them to solve a great variety of problems. For example, delinquent behavior, substance abuse, mental health struggles and family crisis. This Youth Agency was founded in 2005. Although, it is young, it provides many services. It offers drug and health education for teens (12-17) and their families, therapeutic assessments, drug testing and counseling about other different issues. This organization is public and nonprofit. That is why it depends entirely on the support and enthusiasm of its stuff and visitors.

California Youth Services provides adolescences and their parents with a great variety of programs. The first one is “Juvenile Alcohol and Drug Education”. JADE is a 12-hour course, which consists of 2 sessions, 3 hours of independent work and one-hour follow up meeting (exit interview). It is based on innovative techniques of 12-step philosophy, provides teens, and parents with the necessary information about symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse. Participants of this course have regular meetings with people, whose life has been spoiled by the influence of drugs and alcohols. In addition, they can freely ask for help experienced professionals in the drug and alcohol field (“Juvenile alcohol and drug education”, 2012). The second program is “Decisions”. A legal awareness program provides youth and their parents with useful necessary information about how to make the right decision. In general, the main goals of this program are to empower youth to make good decisions, hold young people accountable for their actions, show the consequences of poor decisions and educate parents on their responsibilities and rights (“Decisions”, 2012). The third program is “School Based Program”. It is a three-day education program for students who are behaving in a wrong way at school. The main objective of it is to meet the unique needs of each student in different school districts and help the participants to find the right way (“School based programs”, 2012). The fourth program is “Collegiate Drug & Alcohol Program”. C-DAP’s main mission is to prevent campus-based students from a negative impact of alcohol and drugs. During the course of it, participants get to know about physical, psychological and legal consequences of substance use, and it helps them to concentrate on education, career, not on drug and alcohol (Collegiate drug &, 2012). The fifth program is “Counseling”. The main objective of it is to help people overcome emotional stresses, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, family squabbles, sexual abuse, and domestic violence. Program is available for all communities of Orange County (“Counseling”, 2012).

A volunteer Board of Directors governs California Youth Services. They are responsible for oversight of the organization’s operations, financial oversight, ensuring legal and ethical integrity and providing resources for programs and administration. President is Gil Mulhere (HR Consultant). Vice President is David Hungerford (Creative Edge Packaging, Inc). The staff consists of Margie Diaz, LCSW –Executive Director, Duane Durst, MFT – Clinical Director, Jeremy Tom – Program Administrator, Crystal Dillard – Program Manager, Chris Hoff – MFT Intern, Steve White – MFT Intern, Brynne Lum – MFT Intern, Mercedes Baeza – Spanish Interpreter, Kelly Scott – Fund Development Manager. California Youth Services function with the help of donations. Its locations are 17461 Irvine Blvd, Suite D, Tustin, CA 92780 AND 23282 Mill Greek Drive, Suite 100, Laguna Hills, CA 92653.

To sum up, visiting of California Youth Services helps to get to know about different issues of youth life, change the life and become more conscientious about it. It has been very helpful for me.

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