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The Science Career Pipeline

The idea of science career pipeline is an illustration that seeks a symbolic representation of transition of students from entry level to the high level. It represents progress along science careers as the transition along a long tunnel with multiple leaking points where most of the students are lost in the course of their career progression. Transition mode from one academic level to another is compared to a tunnel that shrinks along its length from the source thus restricts progress from one level to another.


According to science career pipeline, Women are the most affected compared to their male counterparts. Generally, transition of students from secondary level of advanced educational levels have large disparities between the US and Europe with US being on the upper side partly due to her systems of education. Moreover, women transition rate along the career path is still very low. There are very few women holding senior position in science related careers.

In general, science career pipeline an analysis of how students pursue science courses from the lowest level to the Ph.D. It seeks to identify leakages within the pipeline that makes it difficult for students to pursue science courses all through despite having a good early start with both gender evenly distributed at the entry level. However, transmission along the pipeline is lower for women compared to that of men.

The idea of science career pipeline is very essential in helping the minorities to advance to the same level to the majority. Leakages identified in the pipeline should be used to manage minority transition along the pipeline and make it convenient. One of the suggested ideas is role models; female scholars that have made it up the ladder are an effective tool of encouraging female to pursue science-oriented career. Another way to increase participation of minority in science and engineering is to engage minority in managing and implementing policies for the intended affirmative action.

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