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Positive and Negative Portrayal of Science in the Media

The media is known to criticize and offer support to science especially towards matters that affect people positively or negatively. As a means of communication, media tends to take advantage of its potential to reach most people all over the world to support science or criticize the advancement of science by giving negative reviews of it.

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Science has made a great contribution to the development of the world’s history in many aspects. According to Science Media Centre, science has brought about things that could never be imagined to support human life, environment thereby saving the world. One of the positive aspects the media reveals about science is that many diseases are now curable due to the scientific progress in medicine. Many of the diseases have threatened the human race, therefore, media, which have supported scientific innovations, have fought against human threats as well. Science has also enhanced fast communication all over the world thus making media communication possible. The advantages of science in the media and hence their support include fiber optics and internet communication. This scientific advancement together with industrialization was possible only with the help of media.

On the other hand, science has largely been blamed for many things and has been criticized by the media. There are some things that scientists discover and this information or innovations are insecure for human beings. The media has come out to ensure that people understand the effects of these discoveries. According to Telang (2010), science has brought about biological weapons that have created nation fights and wars. Pollution is the byproduct of science adversely affecting the world and the human race. Sometimes media may help to alert people about the future danger caused by scientific experiments.

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