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Why I Deserve This Scholarship

Why I Deserve This Scholarship Essay Example

No matter what aptitudes and talents someone has, occasionally they need financial support to develop themselves, to broaden their knowledge and to extend the abilities. That relates to my case as well. I’m a self-starter with great interpersonal skills. Previously, I have worked in various agencies due to my team-work attitude. Thus I need a scholarship in your institution to be able to improve my skills and those of others. I am certain that not only me but the community in general will benefit if I am awarded a scholarship. To support my words, I will speak in details about my achievements and plans for future.


I give back to the community in whatever way I can. This explains why I got involved in coaching activity. I reckoned that children in my community have great potential and different talents that need to be exploited. I also realize that they have a great future if these talents are made into use. It is for these reasons that I started a little league in Beeville where I come from.

It should be mentioned that my community provides a lot of opportunities that could improve people’s lives. I strongly believe that I could help make the community better by getting involved in other community activities, such as improving parks around Beeville. Moreover, I enrolled in a Fire Administration degree that I believe is directly related to community service. I hope this explains my passion for community service as well as my devotion to the society. I always wanted to be a member of the group who gives solution to the problems that affect my community and chooses a better way to lead by example. I want to empower women. In this regard, I am a coach of women’s softball team in Coastal Bend College in Beeville, Texas. Getting involved in community activities will presumably fulfill my dream of giving back to the society.

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Due to my strong interpersonal and great communication skills I have worked in various institutions as a public relations officer. I believe I am a team leader and can rise to the rank of a leader in any organization that would appreciate my help. The experience of various community initiatives helps me to prove myself and gives a chance to prove my resilience and hard work. My previous jobs presupposed numerous meetings with people that resulted in my getting new communicative experience. I consider myself a devoted leader and a team player who will never fail the mission and will extend the vision of the society. I have succeeded exceptionally well in diverse fronts, getting to know new people and persuading them to follow my ideas. The local society has offered me a stage where I can practice and improve my communication skills. I have gained considerable experience meeting and interacting with new people at my community. I have become a team leader as a result.

I have effective negotiation skills that I believe make me a better leader and champion of various developmental activities. Moreover, the skills that I can use as a social worker are bound to improve the situation of any community on the world map. However, the desire to get recognized and attain the high ranks requires a university degree in community service, hence the need for scholarship in a recognized university. I believe in learning through practice. In my dream job position I will help other employees realize their talents and concentrate on their strengths. Additionally, I have basic computer skills such as digital manipulation that comes in handy in making sports an interactive activity. I plan to use them in my position as a community leader to market the potential of my community.

Besides, I have time management skills and verbal communication skills. I am commercially aware and self-driven which are the factors that are to be possessed by a community leader. With these skills, I am sure I can be a great community leader, a good listener, and a vibrant manager who ensures efficiency in community service delivery. Moreover, I will be able to create favorable working environment for various recruits in the community service. This scholarship will definitely help me to achieve the dreams of my life-giving back to my community.

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