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Personal Statement for Scholarship

Personal Statement for Scholarship Essay Example

Ever since I was born, my parents were wondering what kind of profession might sink deep into my mind. Still, they were quite surprised when I decided to be an interior designer. That idea came to my mind when I was fourteen, and my mother wanted to renovate our house. Due to the lack of money my family was experiencing at that time, we couldn’t afford any specialist to help us. So I took the initiative. Despite the fact that I was inexperienced back then and didn’t use any special software, I did a great job just with the help of my fancy imagination, a few pieces of paper and a pencil. Therefore, my parents didn’t have any doubts that I would be a successful interior designer. And, after a few more successful attempts to renovate our neighbors’ houses, I was completely sure about the choice of my future profession.


I strongly believe that my professional aims and goals are in line with the mission of Family & Consumer Sciences, which is to enhance the quality of life through design. One of the issues that influence my thoughts and judgment concerning this mission is that I really care about people being satisfied with their lives. From my perspective, interior design of houses is just as crucial as the choice of food we eat every day. Most people don’t pay attention to such design, but the scientists say that our well-being and relationships often depend on our surroundings. For instance, the order of things at home, the intensity of lights, or simply the choice of colors in your bedroom.

Talking about my career plans, it seems clear that I tend to be a highly-qualified interior designer, who can meet the demands of any clients, even the most picky and meticulous ones. My passion is to make people satisfied and happy with their homes, bring them joy and delight of the atmosphere around them and simply be their best adviser and friend when it comes to renovation and design. To be more precise, after graduation I would love to work for some company hiring interior designers in order to contribute to their work and share experience that I gained at your university. As for my long-term plans, I would like to gain enough experience and reputation to be in-demand among self-employed designers not only in San Francisco, but also in other cities of the USA.

Right now, I am a junior student at university and also I work as a construction worker on a part-time basis for a company in San Francisco. One of the reasons I have decided to take up this job is that I do need money for living. But more importantly, I really need to gain more experience for my professional development. My duties include construction of houses, flats, rooms, as well as their further interior furnishing. Now as I am familiar with such software as AUTO CAD, 3DMAX, RAVIT and the concept of interior design itself, it is far easier for me to deal with all these tasks.

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One more thing, which is worth mentioning is that I am involved in community service and school activities. I participate in an Asian club at university, where we are happy to conduct a lot of activities, such as basketball competitions, singing competitions, etc. When I have time, I go to the foodbank to help its staff to distribute food to the senior citizens.

As a person earning $800 per month, your scholarship would be of great assistance in supporting my professional aims and goals to graduate and get a degree. I strongly believe that your university will provide a chance for such a person as me, to become a well-qualified and highly experienced professional in the sphere of interior design.

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