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Nursing Scholarship Essay Example

My Scholarship Essay

Growing up in Africa does have its fair share of challenge, as the prevalent poverty of this country reduces access to opportunities. I was born in Africa and my education also started there. As a child, I had to encounter different types of difficulties while going to school. Among others, challenges in my country include large distance to schools, as well as lack of conducive learning environment.


Additionally, very often children in Africa are engaged in different activities at home which reduce their time for playing and doing their homework. Since I was a little child, I have always hoped to grow up, get education and do my best to introduce changes that would improve lives, especially for children. Most parents in Africa do not go to school and do not understand the importance of education. This issue requires children to teach their parents some things taught in school, which include the importance of hygiene and water purification among others. I have always loved to practice this activity with people in my neighborhood. In spite of such struggles, my parents did everything possible to ensure that I stayed in school. The good grades that I always brought home inspired them to let me stay in school.

Poor children and women in my country die as they are not able to access health facilities that are kilometers away in urban centers. The state of roads makes access of health services hard, and there are few to no trained nurses in the villages. There are not many doctors, and the drugs are never enough. Only people from rich families in our community have the means to access good health facilities in the neighboring provinces. Many people died whenever there was an outbreak of a disease, for example, cholera. In school, we had been taught the importance of hygiene and the types of diseases one can prevent by practicing proper sanitation. Occasionally, the school would distribute bar soap to families for people regularly clean their hands. I always made a point of carrying my bar home and sharing the information.

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Seeing people suffering from preventable diseases aspired me to become a nurse and take care for the sick patients in homes and hospitals. I knew I would achieve this if I received the necessary support, especially by means of a scholarship, as my grades in school were good. Getting this scholarship will enable me to continue my education and become a nurse in future. I will use my skills to care for people suffering in villages. Additionally, I will teach communities how to keep to proper hygiene in order to prevent some diseases. I will also teach others how to care of sick people more effectively.

Many years are now passed; I am now taking my qualification course to move to a 4 year college with an aim of pursuing nursing. The state of affairs in my society has remained the same, and I hope to go back and help them improve after training. However, so far I do not have sufficient resources to proceed my education.

I really hope that you will consider me for a scholarship so that I may pursue nursing, which is my passion. I also purpose to use it to serve my community in the best way that I can. Taking into consideration the authority in our community, it will be easy to influence them to adopt better ways of introducing proper sanitation, as well as the ways to effectively take care of patients at home before taking them to health facilities.

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